Planters & Pots

Pots and planters are fantastic containers for growing plants and flowers in your garden or greenhouse and watching them bloom year after year. They offer great flexibility, allow you to be more creative with your displays, and can add colour and style to make your plants even more visually appealing.

At Greenhouse Sensation, we sell a whole range of planters and pots in different sizes and styles to suit every green-fingered individual and make your garden extra special. You might be new to gardening and just want something simple to help you get started, like a self-watering planter. You might be more experienced and looking for suitable containers to build on the success of your garden. Or perhaps you’re looking to add a splash of colour to your backyard or greenhouse, like with some decorative pot plants.

From small greenhouse planters to large garden containers, colourful pots to stylish troughs, you’ll find it here. All our products have also been expertly designed and extensively tested to help you grow bumper harvests and ensure you get the best results.

If you’re new to gardening and need a little guidance on which ones to choose, don’t worry. Our friendly experts are always on hand to answer any questions you may have, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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  • Salad Lovers Bundle

    Salad Lovers Bundle

    From: £190.00

  • Quadgrow Self Watering Planter

    Quadgrow - Best Seller

    From: £13.00

  • Home Grown in fabric pots

    Fabric Pots


  • Solar Quadgrow Conversion Kit

    Quadgrow Add-Ons

    From: £8.00

  • Gardening Lovers Bundle

    Gardening Lovers Bundle

    From: £201.00

  • Chilli Lovers Bundle

    Chilli Lovers Bundle

    From: £120.00

  • Duogrow Holiday Proof Planter

    Duogrow Holiday Proof Planter


  • Chilligrow Planter - Best Seller

    Chilligrow Planter - Best Seller


  • Vivigrow Deluxe (grow in water)

    Vivigrow Deluxe (grow in water)


  • Self-Watering Herb Planter - Add Water Every 2 Weeks

    Herbgrow Planter


  • Standard Vegetable & Salad Planters From £36.00

    Salad & Veg Planter


  • Large Vegetable & Salad Planters From £48.00

    Large Salad & Veg Planter


  • Vivigrow Planter

    Vivigrow (grow in water)


  • Tropical Planter

    Tropical Planter


  • Oxypot Hydroponic Planter

    Oxypot Hydroponic Planter


  • Set of 3 Metal Plant Pots On A Tray - £10.99

    3 Metal Pots on a Tray


  • Wilma Dripper System

    Wilma Dripper System


  • Pack of 2 Grow Pots - Green - £10.00

    12L Green Pots x2


  • Herbgrow  - Herb Planter - £23.00

    Herb Planters


  • Patio Planters

    Planter Bags


  • AirRAP Air Pruning Pots

    AirRAP Air Pruning Pots


21 Item(s)

per page