Decorative Pots

They are a staple feature that every outdoor space needs. Garden pots are the perfect way to display your beautiful plants and show off your hard work. And the fantastic thing is; they come in all shapes and sizes. So whether you’re decorating a small balcony, a kitchen windowsill or acres of land, you can create the look of your dreams. It’s always summer when you have beautiful garden pots scattered everywhere! Take a look at our gorgeous collection, and take home your favourites ready for planting today.

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  • Windowsill Herb Plant Pots - With Drip Tray - £18.00

    Herb Pots

    Regular Price: £18.00

    Special Price £13.00

  • Pack of 2 Grow Pots - Green - £10.00

    12L Green Pots x2

  • Pack of 3 Bright Plant Pots - £9.00

    3 Bright Pots

  • 5 x Enamel Pots

    5 x Enamel Pots

    Regular Price: £22.99

    Special Price £14.99

  • Leaf Design Flower Pot - Set of 3 - from £4.00

    Metal Pots x 3

  • Herbgrow Self Watering Herb Planter

    Herbgrow Planter


11 Item(s)

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