Growing Tomatoes

Home-grown tomatoes! Once you've tasted them there's no going back to bland supermarket tomatoes. If you're growing tomatoes you need to get the feeding and watering right. Tomatoes are very fussy about watering and if they are provided with too much or too little water, or erratic watering they can quickly develop problems. Blossom end rot, cracking and wilting are all often caused by erratic watering.

Luckily you can trust our Quadgrow and Duogrow planters to get the watering right for you every single time.

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  • Quadgrow Planter With Double Holiday Watering Kit

    Deluxe 8 Plant Quadgrow Planter


  • Quadgrow Planter With Single Holiday Watering Kit

    Deluxe 4 Plant Quadgrow Planter


  • Organic Tri-Pack Nutrients

    Organic Tri-Pack Nutrients


  • Nutrigrow Plant Food Nutrients

    Nutrigrow Plant Food 2.5L


  • Self Watering Grow Pot Tower - £26.75

    Self Watering Grow Pot


  • Fruit & Vegetable Ripening Cover

    Ripening Cover


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