Salad & Herb Planters

Enjoy tasty herbs and delicious salads all year round by growing in one of our salad and herb planters. These are so helpful if you’re short of space as our planters are perfect for windowsills, balconies, greenhouse shelves and patios.

Urban gardeners and allotment gardeners alike will benefit from growing at home to snip a few leaves when they are needed. Depending on what you are trying to grow, there is a specific style of planter out there to suit your needs. Salad planters may be larger if you have the space, whereas there are tiny rustic-looking herb pots available that fit snuggly on your windowsill.

There’s nothing more rewarding than watching your plants grow, so make sure they are given the best places to develop. All of our Award winning planters have been expertly designed and extensively tested to help you grow bumper harvests.

Whether you have acres of land, a greenhouse or consider yourself a windowsill urban gardener, our planters come in all shapes and sizes to suit your individual needs.

New to gardening and need a little guidance on which ones to choose? Never fear, our friendly experts are always on hand to answer any questions you may have, so get in touch today.

Our Salad & Herb planters are perfect for growing great tasting salad and herbs all year round. If you’re short of space, then our salad & herb planters are perfect from windowsills, balconies and patios, making it easier for you to create your very own salad & herb gardens and achieve bumper harvests. Even if you have an allotment, it’s still worth growing a few salad & herb varieties at home so you can snip a few leaves as and when needed.

Growing Salad & Herbs Indoors

You can create your own salad and herb gardens indoors all year round with our salad and herb planters. Our Saladgrow and Herbgrow Planters are a particular favourite with their drip-proof design, making them perfect from growing salad and herbs indoors all year round. If you are short of space, our planters are available in a range of sizes making them ideal for windowsills, balconies, patios and greenhouses.

Advantages of Our Self Watering Salad & Herb Planters

Our self-watering Saladgrow & Herbgrow planters deliver the right balance of water & nutrients to your salad and herb plants as and when they need it, so there’s no more worrying coming home to see your favourite Salads and Herbs wilted. Our Greenhouse Sensation Salad & Herb planters will keep your crops perfectly fed and watered for up to 2 weeks at a time. If you are growing from seed, then you will be typically harvesting within 6 weeks.

Our Saladgrow and Herbgrow planters use a clever SmartReservoir watering system which never let your plants get too dry or the soil become too wet, which means your plants will grow strong and healthy leading to bigger harvests of salad and herb crops.

We’ve all forgotten to water our plants at some point, however, it’s overwatering that causes the most problems, this is because in wet soil roots can’t access oxygen, and without oxygen, roots can’t absorb water and nutrients from the soil and the plant goes thirsty and slows down growth.

Sowing Salad & Herb Seeds

Our Salad & Herb Planters are perfect for sowing your seeds directly into. You can also sow your seeds into seed trays before moving them to their final growing space. Seed tape is also a fantastically easy way to grow salads from seed. These can be laid out on the compost surface and covered with a light covering of compost and water.

Larger seeds such as Coriander seeds are big enough to sow individually. Simply place a few of these larger seeds in the palm of your hand and place on the surface of the compost at intervals. Gently push them a little way into the compost and knock the side of the pot or tray to redistribute the compost, then water.

Caring for Salad & Herb Crops

When growing your own salad or herbs one of the most common problems when growing salad and herbs is mould caused by moist conditions. It’s important to keep your plants are well ventilated, especially in moist weather and ensure your salad and herb seedlings emerge in a light space and that your final growing space, whether indoors or outdoors is adequately lit to avoid mould.

Harvesting Salad & Herb Crops

Harvest salad and herbs regularly to keep them fresh and provide a continual supply. Lettuce varieties which produce a head such as ‘Little Gem’ or ‘Webbs Wonderful’ can be sown in succession to give continued harvests. Herb varieties such as Chives, Basil, Coriander & Chervil can easily be frozen, meaning they can be preserved during the winter months. Aromatic herbs such as Rosemary, Oregano & Thyme are all evergreen and should provide you with a supply of flavour & aroma throughout the year.

Salad & Herb Varieties

There’s a wide range of salad & herb varieties you can choose from to grow at home. Salad leaves love to be sown where they are going to be grown. Simply sow your salad seeds little and often and cut the leaves rather than pulling up the whole plant and you can have fresh home grow salad leaves all year round.

Salad Varieties

If you have a little extra space on your patio or in your greenhouse then our Quadgrow-Plus Patio planter is ideal for growing a range of herbs and salad varieties with space for growing tomatoes, cucumbers, chillies and other tall cropping veg.

Some of our favourite salad varieties include:

- Loose Leaf – Salad Bowl – all the major suppliers do salad leaf mixes
- Lettuce cabbage type or Cos – Little Gem, Winter Density, Tom Thumb, Cassandra, Arctic King
- Spinach – Medania, Toscane, LazioF1
- Also consider Endive, Rocket, Lambs Lettuce to add dimension to your salad choices.

Herb Varieties

When growing your own herbs, its best to choose varieties which grow well together e.g. rosemary, thyme and oregano all enjoy a sunny aspect and will grow great in a container or one of our herb or salad planters.

Some of our favourite herb varieties include:

Rosemary - This aromatic shrub flowers in spring. A range of varieties are now available bearing flowers of white through to pink or blue.
- Thyme - As a small leaved shrub, lemon scented and alpine varieties are available. This versatile herb belongs to the same family as Rosemary, Basil, Marjoram, Oregano and Mint.
- Basil - Bearing a mild, aniseed flavour, basil offers a wide variety of uses. It thrives in a sunny position on a windowsill or patio. Be mindful to protect from harsh midday sunlight though, as this can scorch the leaves a little.
- Oregano & Marjoram - Marjoram is a form of Oregano and can be equally used for similar dishes. Perfect for French, Greek and Italian dishes.
- Sweet Bay - A sweetly scented shrub bearing delicate white flowers in late spring, Sweet Bay can be planted in a sunny spot on the patio, growing happily all year round. A great addition to rice dishes for adding a delicate flavour or flavouring soups, casseroles and meaty dishes.
- Parsley - Grows well in a container or in the garden and is versatile and flavourful and is used in a wide variety of dishes and has had a vast number of medicinal uses throughout history.
- Chives - In the garden the scent given off from Chives can confuse undesirable insects such as Aphids when planted near susceptible plants such as Roses, thus keeping them at bay. As a member of the onion family, chives have a delicate onion flavour.
- Tarragon - A part of the French ‘Fines Herbes’, Tarragon has a slightly Aniseed flavour. French tarragon has a slightly superior flavour to Russian tarragon and both need protection over the winter. Works exceptionally well with chicken & fish dishes and risotto.

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