Salad & Herb Planters

Salad and Herb Planters

Enjoy tasty herbs and delicious salads all year round by growing in one of our salad and herb planters. These are so helpful if you’re short of space as our planters are perfect for windowsills, balconies, greenhouse shelves and patios - urban gardeners and allotment gardeners alike will benefit from growing at home to snip a few leaves when they are needed. Depending on what you are trying to grow, there is a specific style of planter out there to suit your needs. Salad planters may be larger if you have the space, whereas there are tiny rustic-looking herb pots available that fit snuggly on your windowsill.

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  • Salad & Veg Planter

    Salad & Veg Planter


  • Self-Watering Herb Planter - Add Water Every 2 Weeks

    Herbgrow Planter


  • Super-Fast Salad Planter

    Super-Fast Salad Planter


3 Item(s)

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