Salad Growing Kits

Grow bumper harvests of lush salad in a few easy steps with our salad growing kits and essentials. Including our Salad & Veg Planter designed to keep salads watered up to 2 weeks for bigger harvests.

Grow your own salad all year round with our salad growing kits. We love growing our own Salad as it grows very quickly, and if you have a Saladgrow or Quadgrow-Plus Patio Planter you can grow them anywhere, creating your own salad garden, even if you’re short of space.

Salad leaves love to be sown where they are going to grow-one and be harvested – making them perfect for the Saladgrow & Quadgrow-Plus or a large trough. Sow the seeds little and often and cut the leaves rather than pulling up the whole plant and you can have fresh, home-grown salad leaves all year round.

Each variety of salad leaf has a slightly different nutritional value so a combination of leaves helps maintain a healthy balanced diet.

Where to Grow Your Salad

Even if you have an allotment it’s still worth growing a few mixed salad leaves at home as you are more likely to use them as it only takes seconds to snip a few leaves when needed.

Salads can be sown throughout the year for a continued crop. They will grow equally well on the windowsill as in the greenhouse or out on the patio in a light position.

Varieties of Salad to Grow

OurSalad growing kits will get your salad seeds off to a great head start and include everything you need for a bumper salad harvest. There's a wide range of salad varieties for you to choose from.

Loose Leaf – Salad Bowl – all the major suppliers do salad leaf mixes

Lettuce cabbage type or Cos – Little Gem, Winter Density, Tom Thumb, Cassandra, Arctic King

Spinach – Medania, Toscane, LazioF1

Also consider Endive, Rocket, Lambs Lettuce to add dimension to your salad choices.

Sowing Salad Seeds

Salad leaf varieties are best sown either directly into a Saladgrow or Vitogrow or into seed trays. Alternatively you may have seed tape which is a fantastically easy way to grow from seed. These can be laid out on the compost surface and covered with a light covering of compost and water.

Caring for Your Crop

Ensure your salad seeds emerge in a light space and that your final growing space is adequately lit. The biggest threat to young salad leaves in moist weather conditions is grey mould, a fungal disease which can quickly destroy a crop. To avoid this ensure that your Salad is well ventilated and has plenty of access to light.

Harvesting Your Salad

Salad Crops can be harvested a little at a time to provide a continual supply. Lettuce varieties which produce a head such as ‘Little Gem’ or ‘Webbs Wonderful’ can be sown in succession to give a continued harvest.

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