Deluxe Growing Kits

Choose between an Ultimate Growing kit with a choice between our award winning Quadgrow, Chilligrow or Duogrow planter and keep plants watered up to 2 weeks for 2x bigger harvests. Includes everything you need to grow a bumper crop from seed to harvest.

Plant Guardian Pots produce 2x bigger harvests compared with stanard pots & growbags and keep plants watered for up to 14 days at a time.

They maintain moisture around the roots thanks to FeederMats that supply water to the roots precisely when the plants need it. The soil is never too dry or waterlogged and the roots have better access to oxygen which fules faster growth and bigger harvests.

Choose from our bumper harvest producing Duogrow, Chilligrow or best selling Quadgrow Planter with seed starter kits including, chilli, tomato, herb and vegetable growing kits. Simply sow your chosen seeds and then when your seedlings are ready, pop your seedling pots straight into your Plant Guardian Pot and get ready to enjoy bumper harvests of your favourite veg.

These excellent kits contain all the equipment needed to nurture from seed so you have a healthy plant to pot on

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  • Quadgrow Planter With Double Holiday Watering Kit

    Deluxe 8 Plant Quadgrow Planter


  • Quadgrow Planter With Single Holiday Watering Kit

    Deluxe 4 Plant Quadgrow Planter


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