Tomato, Chilli & Vegetable Planters

Whether you’re looking to start a windowsill kitchen garden or fill a greenhouse, we will have the perfection solution for you to grow your own veg. The wonderful thing about vegetable planters is that your crops will have have access to water whenever they need it - rather from alternating between drenched and parched. The roots are never stood in water, so their oxygen intake is never limited. Your plants are kept perfectly fed and watered for several days at a time in so they then produce bumper harvests of your favourite chillies, tomatoes and other tall cropping vegetable plants.


Need a little more help getting started? Read our vegetable growing guide for some handy hints and tips. 

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  • Quadgrow-Plus Vegetable Planter - £45.00


  • GardenPop Growing Kits

    Vegetable Growing Kits

  • Rainbow Vegetable Growing Kit - Includes Mini Propagator & Patio Vegetable Planter Pots - £15.00

    Rainbow Veg Kit

  • Grow Your Own Tomatoes - Complete Tomato Growing Kit - £15.00

    Tomato Kit

  • Vivigrow Planter - Grow Plants In Water

    Vivigrow (grow in water)

  • Solar Quadgrow Planter £79.90



18 Item(s)

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