Self Watering Planters

If you're often away from home or the allotment or simply don't have time for the daily watering routine, a self-watering planter could be the solution you've been needing! Garden Answers said of our Quadgrow Self Watering Planter that it was the "Answer to most gardener's prayers" - we agree!

Some vegetables like chillies and peppers are fussy about watering, which is why you get the frequency of watering correct - otherwise, you're opening yourself up to problems like blossom end rot or root rot. A self watering planter removes the stress of worrying how often to water vegetable plants. 

Our Gardening Angels have put together a little guide to the types of self watering pots and self watering planters on our site! 

What is a self watering planter? 

The name is perhaps a little misleading as they don't completely water themselves - most self watering pots use a reservoir which you fill with water and nutrients, which allows you to water plants less frequently. With most self watering pots, the top section will be for the plant and growing medium, with a bottom section for water and nutrients. In some self watering planters, such as our Oxypot, the roots may hang down into the nutrient solution. Self watering pots such as our Quadgrow have a capillary matting system to deliver water and nutrients to the plant's roots. Alternatively, some systems such as our Wilma, Solar Quadgrow and Tropical planter may release water through the growing medium with the excess going back into the reservoir below. 

Indoor Plant Watering Systems

All of our self watering planters are suitable to be used indoors, whether in a greenhouse or polytunnel or in your own home. Sometime you may want a prettier self watering pot for your houseplants. A super simple solution for watering house plants are our terracotta watering kits - these allow you to add a decorative self-watering orb do your houseplants, or let you make a self watering planter out of a wine bottle or plastic bottle. 

How to make self watering planter out of a bottle - simply place the clay watering spikes on the end of the wine bottle filled with water, and put the spikes in the soil. Your pot plants will be watered for approximately 2 weeks - perfect for summer holidays.

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