A Potted History

A seed of an idea

Like most businesses, Greenhouse Sensation grew out of a seed of an idea and a dose of stubbornness. John was born into a farming family, but after completing a PhD in botany he decided to go it alone and use his horticultural and botanical knowledge to help more people to grow better plants at home.

John had heard people saying that they liked the idea of growing veg but they didn't do it because they thought the harvests weren’t large enough to warrant the time, space and effort required. He set about designing a product to overcome these obstacles. The first product was the Vivigrow, which produces 3x bigger harvests than plants grown in pots or growbags.

Customers loved it and sent in photos of their huge harvests, he knew he was onto something.

A growing team  

Thrilled with the feedback John recruited a team and we set about developing a heated propagator that would help gardeners to raise seeds and young plants more successfully. Retailers told us that no-one propagated from seed anymore, we pressed ahead anyway and the Vitopod propagator was born. The Vitopod propagator won several awards, attracted gushing reviews from customers and funded the development of the Quadgrow planter, which became an even bigger success thanks to customers telling their friends about the superb harvests and the benefit of not having to get a neighbour to water their plants during holidays.

We’ve not looked back since and we now have a range of more than 100 products including the popular Click & Drip irrigation kitgardening tools and wildlife products.

Our products are now used by some of the country’s most famous gardeners including the editor of Kitchen Garden, The Telegraph’s gardening columnist and the former Head Gardener at River Cottage, as well as by commercial growers such as Simpson’s Seeds and Upton Cheyney Chilli Company.

What about the Gardening Angels?

Our Gardening Angels are the team members who are our experts in horticulture and plant science and they are charged with helping people to grow better plants. If you ask us a gardening or plant care question by email, phone or Facebook it will be one of our Gardening Angels who responds. They deliver talks to gardening clubs and trial our products to make sure they do what we want them to do. They also write tips, guides and blogs for the newsletter and our website.

They are very knowledgeable, they are also very nice and over the years have helped a huge number of people to grow really great plants, which is why we call them Gardening Angels, rather than something dull like 'horticulture experts'.

Thank you

Our success is thanks to our customers. We’re grateful to our wonderful customers for supporting us over the years, telling their friends and family about our products, for continuing to inspire us to develop more innovative products and most of all for making our working lives such great fun!