Taking Chrysanthemum Cuttings

Chrysanthemum Cuttings

Propagating Chrysanthemum cuttings is a great way of restocking your garden for free. Take chrysanthemum
cuttings in April for best results and they will give a wonderful bloom by June! Lifted Chrysanthemum in pots or hardy varieties will start to shoot in April, and they can be grown indoors or outdoors.

Chrysanthemum cuttings are easy to take and grow vigorously - the younger the stock the better the growth rate will be, which in turn gives a better flower density. Up to 10 cuttings can be taken from each parent plant. The cutting should have a good network of white fibrous roots around 10cm long in around 2 weeks when using the Hydropod propagator.

Top Tip
Always give the parent plant a good watering the day before you are going to take the cuttings, this will ensure that the cuttings are fully hydrated. Take cuttings early in the morning as this is when they are full of water.

Taking Chrysanthemum Cuttings
1.  Take a sharp knife and make a clean cut so that the cutting is roughly 3” long. Remove some of the leaves towards the base.    

2.  You can plant 4-5 chrysanthemum cuttings in a medium-sized pot, or plant a couple of cuttings into a tray. Use a dibber or pencil to make a hole in the compost and place the cutting into the compost. Alternatively, place the cutting into the sponge discs of the Hydropod Propagator and allow the mister to spray the roots with water and nutrient. Using the Hydropod will half the rooting time and increase the success rate of your chrysanthemum cuttings.

3.  Place the cutting on a warm windowsill or in a heated propagator - heat underneath the roots helps to speed up rooting time. Keep the compost moist at all times, you can use a spray mister to water regularly, so that you don’t overwater the cutting. The cutting will begin to root after 3-4 weeks in compost and 2 weeks in the Hydropod Propagator.

4.  Once roots have developed, pot on to 2”-3” pots of compost. Make sure they are kept in a light and frost-free place.

5.  Once the roots have filled the pots they will be ready to plant in the ground. Dig holes 9” apart, ensuring that it has had compost and fertiliser dug in. Each one of your plants can be placed into the hole.

To prevent spindly Chrysanthemums and encourage a bushy display, pinch them out a couple of weeks after planting. This is just removing the top layer of growth to the third or fourth set of leaves (about 8-10 inches from the base of the plant) and will encourage side shoots to develop, which will create a bulky display that is full of flowers.

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If you have any questions about the cuttings you are rooting, get in touch with our Gardening Angels on 0845 602 3774 or email info@greenhousesensation.co.uk.