Taking Geranium Cuttings

Geranium cuttings

Geranium cuttings are easy to take, and 20 cuttings can be taken from each parent plant! Geraniums give better growth and thicker flower density in their first years, so it is far better to take cuttings than to rely on the flowering of older plants. 

Geraniums don’t have a dormant period during winter, so can be taken any time during the season, but April is the perfect time to take geranium cuttings.

Success relies on light, warmth and watering for the best results - warmth and longer daylight hours produce stronger plants.

Taking Geranium Cuttings
1. Cut the parent plant just above a leaf joint on the main stem and then trim the cutting you've taken to just below the joint. Creating an angled cut with a sharp knife will give a clean cut and ensure that the threat from disease is reduced.

2. Strip off most of the leaves and make sure the cutting is between 3”-4” long. The healthiest part of a plant is nearest the growing tip, so short cuttings are best.

3. We place our softwood cuttings into the Hydropod Cuttings Propagator. A mist of water and nutrients is sprayed over the roots which gives them constant access to oxygen, water and nutrient. If growing in compost: fill a deep tray or small 3" pot with warm, damp sterilised compost. Make a furrow using a dibber or pencil, and insert the cutting into the compost. Push down on the compost around the cutting to remove any air gaps, or use a tamper.

4. Do not let cuttings dry out and keep them in a light, dry atmosphere. Geranium cuttings will struggle to root if the humidity is too high – so use the vents on your propagator to manage the humidity levels.

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If you have any questions about the cuttings you are rooting, get in touch with our Gardening Angels on 0845 602 3774 or email info@greenhousesensation.co.uk.