Propagation Essentials

Growing your own crops from seed is one of the most rewarding things you can do. Getting your seeds and cuttings off to a good start is a very important part of the journey to producing healthy crops. Here are our Gardening Angels’ top propagation essentials.Propagation Essentials

Propagation & Lights

Vitopod Heated Propagator
Our multi award-winning Vitopod propagator with precision thermostat controller is a must-have for anyone who wants to grow their own from seed. It can be set accurately from 5°C to 30°C delivering even heat distribution, and its integrated vents provide superior humidity control, creating the best environment for starting seeds.

Vitopod Heated PropagatorElectric heated propagators are a cost effective way of helping gardeners to germinate seeds earlier and more successfully. Seeds germinated in a heated propagator grow into healthier plants because of the more comfortable and consistent start in life. Plants can get off to a head start even if outdoor temperatures are too low, so you will be harvesting earlier and for longer.

Our Vitopod Propagator is very energy efficient because it is height adjustable. Gardeners can use it as a single height so energy isn’t wasted heating up empty space. When your plants need more space or you want to overwinter plants, you add the extra layer(s) and the plants themselves contribute to the warmth.

Geopod Heated Propagator With Lights
Geopod Heated PropgatorGrow like a pro with a fantastic Geopod heated propagator. Designed with integrated lights that emit the perfect spectrum of light to guarantee lush green growth, and prevent seedlings from becoming leggy and weak. It includes our precision digital thermostat control for accurate temperature control and vents for superior humidity control. You can even remove the lights in Autumn and hang over your mature plants to help them ripen!

Propagation Lights
Starting your seedlings off too early without sufficient lighting can result in leggy, weak plant susceptible to disease. Treat your seedlings & cuttings to this set of energy efficient grow lights which use 50% less energy than a standard fluorescent lamp. These clever Sunblaster lights will ensure your plants get the best head start, resulting in strong, healthy plants.

These propagation lights provide high output for low energy use thanks to their nanotech enhanced reflector that reflects 99.9% of previously lost light, increases lumen availability by 300% and diffuses light deeper into the plant leaves.

T5 Propagation LightsT5 Propagation Lights

If you’re a proud owner of a Vitopod propagator, our T5 Propagation lights can be hung 2-3cm above your propagator with optional hangers. They come in two different sizes so are suitable for both standard and deluxe sized Vitopods.

Seed Sowing Essentials

Propagation EssentialsOur Gardening Angels always use a seed sowing dibber to help sow seeds at the correct depth. This is perfect for ensuring accuracy and improved germination success rates.

Gardening Sieve
Excellent for creating the perfect grade of compost by removing coarse materials and covering your seeds with a fine tilth.

Flatten down your soil and remove any air pockets, which would otherwise fill with water and rot your seeds.

Biodegradable Plant Pots
Once the seeds begin outgrowing the coconut pot, simply replant the whole pot into a larger pot!

Plant Labels
Keep your seedlings in order by marking the variety, source and sowing date to check how well each variety is growing.

Seed Storage Tin
Organise your seed collection in this sturdy powder coated seed tin, which will help your seeds last longer. Monthly dividers, pencils and five seed envelopes are all included so you won’t have hunt around for the seeds you want to sow each month.

Cuttings Propagation

Hydropod Cuttings Propagator
Hydropod Cuttings PropagatorIf you’re looking for a softwood and hardwood cuttings propagator then look no further than our Hydropod. This excellent propagator mists the base of cuttings to reduce the risk of damping-off, drying-out and fungal infections and to speed up growth.

There is the option to include a reservoir heater which enables you to use your Hydropod in an unheated greenhouse all year. The increase in propagation success rates has made it very popular with many commercial nurseries and it's certainly a hit with our customers too!

FREE Nutrigrow Plant Food
Our Hydropod comes with our award-winning Nutrigrow Plant Food - FREE of charge! It's formulated to help grow healthier plants and bigger harvests.


Sponge Discs
Prepare your Hydropod for the next cuttings season with a pack of replacement sponge discs. Specially designed to gently hold your cuttings in place whilst your cuttings roots develop. Available in packs of 10 or 120.

Budding Knife
This budding knife is an essential for anyone taking cuttings for their propagator. It features a straight carbon steel blade for precision cuts, and a handsomely crafted handle made from rosewood and brass.

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