Heated & Electric Plant Propagators


Propagators are a gardener’s best friend. Whatever you’re growing electric propagators give plants the best start in life. A quality heated propagator will provide stable, even heat that supports faster and healthier growth.

There are a number of types of heated electric propagators to choose from. From a basic windowsill version to the height adjustable Vitopod that can be controlled by a thermostat.

Not sure which propagator is best for you? Get in touch with our friendly Gardening Angels for advice.

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  • Vitopod Award Winning Propagator

    Vitopod Heated Propagator

  • Windowsill Propagator - £33.00

    Window Propagators

  • Ultimate Double Height Vitopod Propagator With Lights - £285.00

    Vitopod Propagator With Lights


8 Item(s)

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