Heated Propagators

Propagators are a gardener’s best friend, and represent one of the most economical ways to keep your garden full of flowers and vegetables. Whatever you’re growing, heated propagators give your plants the best possible start in life, helping cuttings to take root and seeds to germinate. 

Why do I need a Heated Propagator?

If you are growing chillies for example they will require an optimum temperature of 18°C to 22°C for germination. A heated propagator with a thermostat such as the Vitopod is an ideal solution for this. Heated propagators will just heat just the seed trays, saving you energy by removing the need to heat a whole greenhouse.

Heated propagators with thermostatic control also let you extend the sowing season. During the winter months, it becomes very challenging and expensive to manage temperatures in a greenhouse. However, a heated propagator with a thermostat such as the Vitopod acts as a mini greenhouse and is an energy efficient way of overwintering your plants.

Maintain a Consistent Temperature with a Heated Propagator

Generally, seeds germinate best when the temperature of their environment is between 18°C and 22°C, and a quality heated propagator will provide stable, even heat that mimics the arrival of spring, supporting faster and healthier growth.

Heated propagators retain warmth better than something like a heated bench because they have sides and a lid. You can start growing vegetables far sooner than you would be able to normally, as you don’t have to wait for the air temperature to rise, and you’ll also be able to harvest crops for longer as a result.

A heated propagator delivers continuous general warmth that can be effortlessly controlled.

Choose the Type of Heated Propagator that Suits You

There are a number of types of heated propagators to choose from. From a basic windowsill version to the height-adjustable Vitopod that can be controlled by a thermostat, Greenhouse Sensation have plenty of designs.

Our multi award-winning Vitopod heated propagator with precision thermostat controller is a must-have for anyone who wants to grow their own from seed. This heated propagator be set accurately from 5°C to 30°C delivering even heat distribution, and its integrated vents provide superior humidity control, creating the best environment for starting seeds.

Heated propagators are a cost effective way of helping gardeners to germinate seeds earlier and more successfully. Seeds germinated in a heated propagator grow into healthier plants because of the more comfortable and consistent start in life. Plants can get off to a head start even if outdoor temperatures are too low, so you will be harvesting earlier and for longer.

Our Vitopod heated propagator is very energy efficient because it is height adjustable. Gardeners can use it as a single height so energy isn’t wasted heating up empty space. When your plants need more space or you want to overwinter plants, you add the extra layer(s) and the plants themselves contribute to the warmth.

The Geopod heated propagator is designed with integrated lights that emit the perfect spectrum of light to guarantee lush green growth, and prevent seedlings from becoming leggy and weak. This electric propagator includes our precision digital thermostat control for accurate temperature control and vents for superior humidity control. You can even remove the lights in Autumn and hang over your mature plants to help them ripen!

It almost goes without saying, but do make sure that there’s a handy plug socket nearby to where you plan to put a heated propagator! It’s also a good idea to keep windowsill propagators out of direct sunlight, as otherwise there’s always the chance that very tender seedlings could scorch. 

Even with the best heated propagators and the healthiest plants, sometimes things just don’t go your way! Check out our top tips on overcoming common propagation problems.

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