Unheated Propagators

Propagators are a gardener’s best friend. Whatever you’re growing propagators give plants the best start in life. A quality propagator will produce faster and healthier growth.

We have dozens of different kinds of propagators in stock, and each one is designed to help you in a slightly different way. You mainly need to consider whether you are growing from seeds or cuttings, and how much space you will need for them to grow.

Not sure which propagator is best for you? Get in touch with our friendly Gardening Angels for advice.

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  • Basil Growing Kit - 2 In 1 Propagator & Planter

    Basil Grow Kit

    Regular Price: £14.00

    Special Price £9.00

  • UnaPod Propagator Unheated

    UnaPod Propagator Unheated

  • Vitopod Unheated Propagator - Small Single Height £39.99

    Vitopod Unheated Propagator

  • Hydropod 40 Cuttings Propagators From £65.00

    Cuttings Propagator Hydropod


4 Item(s)

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