Vitopod Propagators

Have you seen the size of our award winning Vitopods? They’re huge! The Vitopod series has an option for everyone, whether you want to go heated or unheated. You also have the choice to add propagation lights to assist in growth without legginess.

Our Vitopods are not only bigger than traditional electric propagators but they are also height adjustable as you have the option to add height extensions. Check out our video to see how exactly high they can go!

Our Vitopods are beautifully designed, with extra-large green vents to help humidity control to prevent root rot from condensation.

Our Vitopods’ heating elements are packed tightly together across the base which prevents hot or cold spots, preventing uneven moisture.

Our Vitopods are precision thermostat controlled, allowing you to set the temperature accurately to 1°C (between 5-30°C) – no more plugging your propagator in and just hoping for the best! At a low temperature of 5°C, you can over-winter your plants, providing a gentle bottom heat without stimulating leggy growth.

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  • Vitopod Heated Propagator - Best Seller

    Vitopod Heated Propagator - Best Seller

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  • Vitopod Mini Greenhouse - Overwintering Plants

    Vitopod Layers


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