Plant Protection From Winds & Rain

Don't let strong autumn and winter winds and heavy rain destroy the fruits of your labour this winter. Here's our Gardening Angels top tips to help you protect your plants from the elements.

Protect Your Garden From Wind & Rain

1) Move Potted Plants

Wall Mounted GreenhouseMove your potted plants to the safety of a greenhouse or close to walls or fences to minimise the risk of wind damage. Corners are perfect for extra protection from the wind on two fronts.

You can further protect any potted plants with a frost protection fleece, or by moving them to a wall mounted greenhouse which will minimise the impact of drying winds.

2) Put Away Potential Projectiles

Move garden ornaments away to avoid the wind lifting them up and carrying them away (and even knocking over your favourite plants!). Why not temporarily tie them down and if you have a free-standing birdhouse, you may want to store this away until spring.

3) Protect Your Bedded Plants

Plant Protection ClocheThe wind can dry out the ground around your bedded plants, so make sure the plants are well hydrated before the storm hits. Check the moisture levels with a Soil Moisture Metre and ensure your plants are never over or under watered..

Give bedded plants further protection by firmly embedding a cloche around the plants. To prevent the cloche blowing away, you will ideally want to embed them around 2 inches in the ground with a set of gardening pegs.

4) Use Soft Tie Plant Supports

Strong winds can wreak havoc on your garden, but the use of a Soft Tie Plant Support could make all the difference to the condition of your plants. They're soft, strong and super flexible, and tenderly secure your plants. Made with a galvanised steel wire core and a soft, foam coating they provide a strong tie with a cushioned body. Alternatively, you could use string but there is the chance that this could cut into your plants.

Need Further Help?

If you have any tips or questions about facing the adverse weather, feel free to call us on 0845 602 3774 or email us at Our Gardening Angels are always happy to help

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