Protecting Hedgehogs – The Gardeners Best Friend

protect hedgehogs on bonfire nightHedgehogs are timid, shy little creatures, who like nothing more than milling about in your garden and gobbling up pests! Our Gardening Angels love their little hedgehog buddies and always make sure they are given a good home and everything they need to thrive.

These unassuming nocturnal mammals can eat up to 80 slugs a night each, making them an ideal garden companion. Hedgehogs suffer from poor eyesight, and rely on their keen sense of smell when hunting out pests. Their long snout also helps them when foraging for food, allowing them to dig out a meal from beneath the soil.

When the winter draws in and nights grow longer, hedgehogs become much more prevalent and can get themselves into a spot of bother. On bonfire night, hedgehogs can crawl under bonfires for warmth, only to risk being set alight when it is lit. If you are having a bonfire, do not set it up until the day you will be burning it. If left overnight, it is more likely that a hedgehog will sneak in.

By providing a hedgehog with a safe home away from bonfires, you can rest soundly knowing you have done your bit to help a hedgehog in need!

Hedgehog House and Care KitWith the Hedgehog Houses, you can provide a safe haven for your little gardening friends. This hedgehog home provides a warm resting place where they will be protected from predators and the risks they may encounter on bonfire night.

As hedgehogs are nocturnal creatures, you will generally only see them out at night. However, if a hedgehog is unwell, hungry or suffering from the cold, you can find them wandering around in the daytime. If you spot a hedgehog during the day, contact an animal rescue group or try to pick it up and move it to the safety of your hedgehog home. If you do find yourself handling a hedgehog, don’t forget to wear gloves!

With a warm, breathable wooden structure, the Hogilo Hedgehog Home provides an ideal home for any rescued hedgehogs. Having been featured on BBC Autumn Watch and approved by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society, this deluxe hedgehog house will keep your spiky friends very happy.

The Hogilo Hedgehog Home is a perfect winter home for hedgehogsDuring September and October, hedgehogs can give birth to litters of between 1 and 11 baby hedgehogs. These prickly pups will stay with their mothers for 4 to 7 weeks before heading out on their own. Young hedgehogs struggle to survive on their own, so ensure you have a hedgehog home set up with the right hedgehog food waiting for any visitors.

If you have any hedgehog facts or pictures of your own hedgehog friends, please feel free to get in touch on 0845 602 3774 or by email at Our Gardening Angels are always happy to help!