Why Customers Love Our Quadgrow

Say hello to our Quadgrow planter! Designed and manufactured by our Gardening Angels in Lancashire, this range of self-watering planters  is the perfect alternative to growing veg in growbags and standard pots. It all came about because of Gardening Angel Emma's mum needing to water her tomatoes....

So that's how the Quadgrow story began! Ever since then, we and our customers have been growing amazing harvests of tomatoes, chillies, aubergines, sweet peppers, beans, cucumbers, courgettes, peas and more!

Customers adore the Quadgrow because it gives DOUBLE the harvest you'd expect from normal pots or growbags! Plus, it leaves your plants much less prone to diseases like Blossom End Rot! 

Why the Quadgrow works

- The Quadgrow SmartReservoir and FeederMat system keeps soil at the perfect moisture level, never too dry or waterlogged. 
- Perfect moisture means roots have better access to oxygen so they absorb more water and nutrients which fuels faster growth and bigger harvests.
- There's no risk of any erratic watering which often causes root rot, split fruit and blossom end rot, so plants are healthier and stronger.

Don't take our word for it!

We love blowing our own trumpet about the Quadgrow, after all, it's been much admired by BBC Beechgrove Garden, Grow Your Own magazine, Kitchen Garden magazine to name but a few! 

What our customers think of Quadgrow! 

"My best ever crop..." - Mrs Robinson

After a scorching summer where lots of the nation struggled with Blossom End Rot and dried out plants, our customers were over the moon with the gluts of sweet, juicy tomatoes their Quadgrows were giving them! Mrs Robinson wrote and told us "...after fifty years of growing tomatoes you Quadgrows have yielded my best ever crop with considerably less work, which I appreciate at 85!...I felt quite smug when Monty Don complained about his poor crop, but you and the Quadgrow deserve the credit!"

"Best ever tomato growth" - Leanne Button

Another happy customer was Leanne, who also grew a prolific crop of tomatoes in her Quadgrows. No signs of Blossom End Rot here!

For even better results, we recommend using our award-winning Nutrigrow plant feed in our Quadgrow Planters. It contains a special blend of potassium, nitrogen, phosphorous, calcium and magnesium plus micro-nutrients and trace elements - this helps your plants to develop a larger root system, stronger stems, more fruiting sites and a bigger crop! 

We love the combination so much, we give you your first bottle of Nutrigrow free when you buy your Quadgrow! 

"Crawling room only!" - Dianne Marie

For many of our customers, once you've started using Quadgrow, you won't want to stop! Quadgrow fan Dianne Marie is lucky enough to have a big polytunnel which is filled with Quadgrows! These chilli plants started off in neat rows but soon grow into a jungle! 

It works for Root Vegetables too!

The Quadgrow technology also works for amazing crops of potatoes, carrots and other root vegetables! We've made our Quadgrow Root Veg planter a little bigger to give those roots more room to grow. Check out this amazing harvest of carrots Gardening Angel Paul grew!

Check out our Quadgrow range below and boost your next harvests! 

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