Quadgrow Holiday-Proof Planter Family

Say hello to our Quadgrow planter family. Designed and manufactured by our Gardening Angels in Lancashire, this range of self-watering planters is the perfect alternative to growing veg in growbags and standard pots.

Quadgrow Self Watering Planter Family

Perfect for growing and producing 2x bigger harvests of tomatoes, super salads, remarkable root vegetables and more.

How do they Work?

Our Quadgrow Self Watering Planters keep plants perfectly watered for up to two weeks at a time, thanks to their generous 30 litre SmartReservoir and FeederMat system.

Each of the Quadgrow’s pots have a FeederMat, which pulls water up from the SmartReservoir into the soil around the roots as and when the plants need it. Thanks to its perfect watering, the soil is never too dry or waterlogged, resulting in better access to oxygen, fueling faster growth for 2x bigger harvests.

Your plants will be stronger and healthier because there's no risk of any erratic watering, which often causes root rot, split fruit and blossom end rot. The roots also have better access to oxygen, which fuels faster growth.

Quadgrow Self-Watering Planter

The Quadgrow Planter is our best-selling self watering planter. Perfect for tall cropping plants, such as tomatoes, chillies, aubergines, cucumbers and more, it’s no wonder it was voted Best 4-in-1 System by Which? Magazine.

Quadgrow Self Watering Planter Comparison

5 Star Review
"It has proven to be even better than I ever expected, yields and quality 1st class.” – Review by JayJay


Add A 25L Holiday Watering Kit

Our Quadgrow Planter keeps plants watered up to 2 weeks thanks to its 30Litre reservoir. If you’re going away for longer or the weather is particularly hot for an extended period add a 25L holiday watering kit and keep your Quadgrow crops topped up for longer. So no more coming home to wilted, underwatered veg.

Quadgrow-Plus Mini Patio Allotment

Create your own mini allotment with our Quadgrow-Plus Planter. Combines our best-selling Quadgrow Planter with our Salad & Veg planter. Includes 4 x 11 litre pots perfect for tall cropping plants and a central planter section, perfect for growing salad crops, such as lettuce and radish.

Quadgrow Plus Self Watering Vegetable Planter

The Quadgrow-Plus has a huge 40 litre SmartReservoir, which keeps all 4 pots and the central planter watered for up to 14 days at a time. Not only will you have a mini allotment growing your favourite veg, but you can go away with peace-of-mind that they will be perfectly watered.

Select the option with a mini greenhouse section and protect your salads from the elements, pests and grow all year round.

Happy Customer
“I was so pleased with the results that I purchased another Quadgrow plus the Quadgrow Root Veg Planter.” – Review by Steve


Quadgrow Root Veg Planter

Say goodbye to soggy spuds and forked carrots with the 4 pot root vegetable planter. Perfect if you love growing carrots, potatoes, leeks and other root vegetables are your thing, our Quadgrow Root Vegetable Planter is perfect.

Quadgrow Root Vegetable Planter

With 4 x 18 litre pots, you can plant your favourite root vegetables and easily keep them perfectly watered by topping up the 30 litre SmartReservoir.

Overwatering causes most growing problems because when roots are in wet soil can't access air, and without air roots can't absorb water and nutrients from the soil and the plant goes thirsty. The Quadgrow Root Vegetable Planter never lets plants dry out or the soil become too wet. Potatoes are particularly troublesome because overwatering causes the tubers to rot.

Includes Free GiftHessian Root Vegetable Storage Sack
We’ll include a free pack of hessian root veg storage sacks when you buy a Quadgrow Root Vegetable Self-Watering Planter.

These nifty storage sacks are made from breathable material that prevents storage rot and sweating, meaning you can enjoy your potatoes, turnips parsnips and more for longer.

Fabulous Review
“I found them so easy to use solving all my watering problems and giving me the best crop I could remember with little effort.” – Review by Hannah


Solar Quadgrow – For Solar Powered Vegetables!

Meet the super-charged version of our best-selling Quadgrow that can give you 3-4x bigger yields! We designed the Solar Quadgrow specifically to make the most of HydroCoco, which is an oxygen-rich mix of clay pebbles and coconut shell fibres. It’s excellent for root growth.

Solar Quadgrow Planter How It Works

The Solar Quadgrow is perfect for HydroCoco because the planter’s solar-powered drippers pump water from its reservoir into the pots depending on the intensity of the sun, and the FeederMats keep the roots nourished in overcast conditions. Whatever water the roots don’t take-up quickly drains back into the planter reservoir.

This combination of excellent oxygen access and light-responsive watering results in faster growth, greater resistance to problems associated with humidity, and bigger harvests.

Wonderful Review
“The tomato sizes are bigger than ever and the tasty crops are beyond belief with a longer growing season.” – Silversurfer


Award-Winning Nutrigrow Plant Food

All versions of our Quadgrow come with our award-winning nutrients, which produce bigger crops and improve resistance to pests, disease and drought!

The special blend of potassium, nitrogen, phosphorous, calcium and magnesium plus micro-nutrients and trace elements ensures plants receive everything they need for optimal health. Your plants will develop a larger root system, stronger stems, more fruiting sites and a bigger crop.

Full Marks
“Nutrigrow is just awesome, chillies love it! So does squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, tomatillos and beans, in fact everything loves it!” – Ben


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