Quadgrow Root Veg Planter - 1.5kg Harvest

Last year we harvested 1.5kg of our Home Guard potatoes after growing for 4 months in our Quadgrow Root Veg Self Watering Planter.

Home Guard Potatoes are first early potatoes and are best planted between February and March.

Grow your Own Potatoes

Why not grow your own bumper potato harvests in our Quadgrow Root Veg Planter in a few easy steps:

1. Begin by chitting your spuds for 6 weeks. Once sprouts have grown from your potato to 2cm long, they are ready to be planted.

2. Add compost to the pots to a depth of 5–10cm (2–4 inches), taking care to keep the FeederMat upright.

Quadgrow Root Vegetable Planter3. Place your tubers/seed potatoes in the corners of the pots rose end up (the end where the buds or sprouts can be seen). Use 2 to 5 seed potatoes per pot.

4. Cover the tubers/seed potatoes and any shoots with approx. 2.5cm (1 inch) of compost.

5. When the shoots are 15cm (6 inch) above the compost, cover with another 10cm (4 inch) of compost to prevent light from reaching the tubers and them turning green. Leave enough uncovered to allow some leaves to absorb sunlight. Repeat this process until the foliage is over the top of the pots.

6. Once all of the flowers have died, remove the top foliage.

7. On late cropping varieties, as the weather turns colder (October), protect plants at night on colder days with fleece. Plants should be left uncovered on milder days.

Potato HarvestNo need to worry about over or under-watering your potatoes: the Quadgrow Root Veg Self-Watering Planter will ensure your plants are always kept perfectly watered. Your potatoes will only draw the amount of water they need as and when they need it from the SmartReservoir.

To harvest these potatoes from your Quadgrow Root Veg Planter, remove the plant from its pot, then simply pick the potatoes out from the compost.

If you have any questions about growing your own potatoes, take a look at our handy guide for top tips and growing essentials. If there's anything else you'd like to know, please feel free to get in touch with our Gardening Angels on 0845 602 3774 or drop us an email at info@greenhousesensation.co.uk. We're always happy to help!