Quadgrow Self-Watering Planter Videos

How to set up a Quadgrow

In this video our Gardening Angels Francesca and Shaun will show you how to set up a Quadgrow.

The Quadgrow Story

Enjoy more harvests with a Quadgrow compared with a growbag or pot. No more worrying about your plants when you are on holiday, the Quadgrow maintains perfect moisture levels for up to 14 days.

Quadgrow September Update

Thank you Ladies and Gents for sharing these amazing images of your stunning growth in our Award Winning Quadgrow Planters. It’s such an incredible sight to see your polytunnels and greenhouses full of ripening fruit and veg.

Quadgrow & Chilligrow Planter - Simpsons Seeds Polytunnel Update

Thank you to Matt Simpson of Simpson Seeds for sharing this amazing footage of your stunning chillies growing in our Award Winning Chilligrow and Quadgrow Planters. It’s such an incredible sight to see your polytunnel full of ripening chillies. Watch this short video to see more.

Quadgrow Holiday Kit

A handy optional extra for your Quadgrow Planters. The 25 litre holiday reservoir and float connect to your planter reservoir to keeps the planter topped-up for longer.

Quadgrow Holiday-Proof Planter - Keeps Plants Watered While You're Away

Harvests are 2x bigger when grown in a Quadgrow planter compared with growbags or pots. This is because the Quadgrow maintains perfect moisture levels for up to 14 days at a time. In a Quadgrow the soil is never too dry or waterlogged. The roots also have better access to oxygen which fuels faster growth.

Quadgrow Planter Cane Locator Kit

Upgrade your Quadgrow with a mulch cap and cane locator kit. This kit produces even bigger yields and makes it easy to support your plants.

Quadgrow Planter Returns To BBC Beechgrove Garden

Our holiday-proof Quadgrow planter returned to BBC Beechgrove Garden on 26th May 2016. Jim McColl takes a closer look at our award-winning best seller, which is perfect for tall cropping plants like tomatoes, beans, aubergines, peppers and more!

Quadgrow Planter - BBC Beechgrove Garden Fame!

Last night one of our lovely Quadgrows made its TV debut on The fabulous Beechgrove Garden. Head over to our site now and take a look at our little star in the making! (We're so proud!)

Benefits of Cane Support for your Quadgrow

Helping prevent pest attacks as well, your plants will be much stronger with this addition!

Benefits of using Mulch Caps with your Quadgrow

Buy the Mulch Caps Kit for your Quadgrow to enjoy the benefits! Available now on the site for £10.00! Or if you have a Quadgrow from after 1st November 2016, then why not upgrade to the Quadgrow Mulch Caps and Cane Support Kit? Available now for £25.00

12 Padron Pepper Harvests In Just 6 Weeks

It must've been a Quadgrow... ;) Alan Lord planted just 1 Padron Pepper plant into a Quadgrow planter has enjoyed 12 harvests in just 6 weeks!! Watch our quick video to see his bumper harvests, or follow the link below to learn more about our super self watering planter...