Make Use Of Your Old Christmas Tree

Recycling your Christmas tree is an eco-friendly way of disposing of it, but if you’d like to make more practical use of it then read our Gardening Angels top tips.Recycle Your Old Christmas Tree


Turning your Christmas tree into mulch and using it on your soil will help retain moisture and suppress weeds. When it breaks down it will also add nutrients, such as nitrogen, into your soil and help improve drainage.

Did You Know?
Pine needles can be quite acidic, so consider the plants you are using your mulch near.


Cut up the branches and pine needles in to pieces about 1 inch in size. If you have access to a shredder you can save a bit of time here, but in most cases using a pair of secateurs or a pruning saw can get the job done in no problem.

Wood Chips

You can use the trunk and thicker branches for wood chips if you have access to a shredder. Bark won’t provide as much nutrition to your soil as pine needles, as it takes longer to break down, but that means it also doesn't need to be replenished as often.

Wood chips are especially useful around trees, shrubs and on pathways. They look great and have a wonderful pine smell.

Edge Borders

If you fancy getting creative with some DIY, you can cut your tree’s trunk into discs and use them to create edge borders. Cut the trunk into discs with a depth of 2 inches, and set them into your soil to edge flower beds or walkways. It’s a fun way to use your tree and they look great!


It’s lovely getting cosy by a wood burning fire during the winter. You can use your old Christmas tree for firewood or kindling but it must be seasoned for at least a year so that it completely dries out. It is possible for sap to cause chimney fires if the logs have not been dried out.

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