Plant Recovery Treatments

At some point during your horticultural career, you will come across a garden problem or two. Whether that’s struggling to keep your plants looking their best, or trying to get rid of annoying pests who seem determined to eat what you’ve grown. It’s totally normal to encounter these problems and luckily we’re here to help you solve them.

We have plenty of tools and tonics in stock to help you keep your flowers, vegetables and fruits strong and healthy. Not sure what the problem is? Or stuck on how to solve it? Get in touch with our friendly gardening experts today who will be happy to point you in the right direction.

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  • House Plant Myst - 300ml

    House Plant Myst - 300ml

  • Essence Starter Kit - Brew your own microbes

    Anti-Leaf Disease Kit

  • Revive 250ml


  • Root Health 1L

    Root Health

  • RootMagic for 25 plants

    RootMagic for 25 plants


5 Item(s)

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