Vegetable Seeds

No matter what type of gardener you are - whether you keep it to your windowsill or have an allotment with your name on it - here at Greenhouse Sensation we have plenty of vegetable seeds for you to choose from. Nurturing your own vegetables from scratch is one of the most rewarding things you can do - and we’re here to help you achieve that goal.

From simple garden herbs to be snipped at regular intervals and salad that’s perfect for sides, to chillies for an added bit of spice and tomatoes - a gardening classic - there’s something for everyone in our collection. Browse through and place your order online today.

Not sure where to start? We have plenty of guides in our ‘Help & Advice’ section to help kick off your lovely new vegetable garden.

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  • Instant Herb Garden - Herb GroBox Step By Step

    Instant Garden

    Regular Price: £10.00

    Special Price £9.00

  • Pack of 12 Seed Storage Envelopes

    Seed Storage Envelopes


  • Container Garden Veg Patch Voucher £24.99

    50 Plants for Pots


  • 300 Veg Plant Voucher

    300 Veg Plant Voucher


  • Small Year Round Veg Patch Voucher	£199.00

    500 Veg Plant Voucher


  • Salad Seeds

    Salad Seeds


  • Chilli Seed Collection

    Chilli Seed Collection


  • Tomato Seed Collection - Pack of 3

    Tomato Seeds


  • Patio Seed Collection

    Patio Seed Collection


  • Herb Seed Collection

    Herb Seed Collection


  • Radish French Breakfast Seeds £1.25

    Radish French Breakfast Seeds

    Regular Price: £1.25

    Special Price £1.00

  • Big Beef Tomatoes - £1.90

    Big Beef Tomato Seeds

    Regular Price: £1.90

    Special Price £1.50

12 Item(s)

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