Drip Irrigation Kits For Bigger Harvests

Watering plants in growbags, raised beds and allotments is less time consuming, more water efficient and more beneficial to your plants with our Click & Drip irrigation kit.

Click & Drip Slow-Drip Irrigation vs Hand-Watering

1) Slow drip watering over longer periods gives plants plenty of time to take up water, as and when they need to. Plants have access to a balance of oxygen and water to ensure healthy growth and bigger harvests. 

2) Drip feed irrigation pipe works on internal pressure so the pipe can be buried to reduce loss of water to evaporation, and the water can get through to the roots quickly. Mulch is laid on top of the soil and pipe to help retain moisture for effective watering.

3) Blockages from limescale in the irrigation pipe are prevented thanks to the Click & Drip watering kit’s filter. 

4) Dripper holes are spaced 30cms apart and the Click & Drip kit includes 5 metres of non-drip pipe to carry water from the tap to the plants without wasting a drop. The distance between the drip holes is perfect for watering raised beds, veg plots and plants in growbags.

5) Dripper pipe watering moistens only the soil and not the leaves, so risk of fungal problems and rot is significantly reduced.

6) Click & Drip irrigation kit can be used during hose-pipe bans as it is extremely efficient!

7) For a fully automatic watering system, a timer can be added to control the precise drip rate for plants. 

Save Water With A Water Butt
Attach a Click & Drip watering kit to a water butt and make use of saved rain water. Try one of our 100 litre or 200 litre water butts.


It can be difficult to keep up with a watering regime, and when pushed for time it’s tempting to give plants a soaking in the morning to ‘keep them going’ throughout the day, but roots need access to air in order to take-up water, so over-watering has 3 problems:

In a grow bag a drenching fills the air-gaps in the soil with water and the roots can suffocate and rot.

Slow-Take Up
Immediately after watering the roots have limited access to air so they are only able to take up a small amount of the water they actually need. 

By the time the roots have good access to air the majority of water has drained away.

Plants only take up 10%-30% of the water given when watering by hand, the answer is slow drip irrigation. The slow drip rate of the Click & Drip watering kit means that the soil has chance to absorb the water rather than it forming puddles and evaporating or running off.

Top Tips

Over-watering and under-watering are the main causes of root rot and split fruit, which are eliminated with slow-drip watering. 

Always water early in the morning or late in the afternoon rather than during the middle of the day. When the weather is hot, water runs off the soil or evaporates before it gets to the roots, so plants have access to far less water than they are given.

Further Advice

If you have any questions about our Click & Drip irrigation kit or any of the plants you are growing, give our Gardening Angels a call 0845 602 3774 or pop us an email at info@greenhousesensation.co.uk. We're always happy to help!

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