Solar Quadgrow Planter - Supercharge your Quadgrow

If you’re ready to super charge your Quadgrow and produce 3-4x bigger harvests, take a look at converting it to a Solar Quadgrow Planter!

How to use a Solar Quadgrow

1. Place the Solar Pump into the Reservoir via the hole in the FeederTray.

2. Place your pots on top of the FeederTray.

3. Feed your FeederMats through the base of your pots into the Reservoir.

Solar Quadgrow Planter - Solar Powered Planter4. Make sure the FeederMats are touching the base of the Reservoir.

5. Place the FeederTray on top of the Reservoir.

6. Connect the Solar Pump to the Dripper Kit.

7. Cover the hole in the FeederTray with the Square Rubber Cover to prevent sunlight entering the Reservoir.

8. Plug the Solar Pump into the Solar Panel.

9. Fill up pots with Hydrococo, making sure to keep the FeederMats upright.

10. Clear a space in the Hydrococo for your plants. Plant them into the Hydrococo and firm in gently.

11. Water Plants with a watering can with a rose so the Hydrococo is wet but not saturated.

12. Add water and nutrients to reservoir as required.

Why Use a Solar Quadgrow?

Solar Quadgrow PlanterWith the Solar Quadgrow Planter, plants grow in Hydrococo, an oxygen rich mix of clay pebbles and coconut shell fibres, rather than compost. The Hydrococo is excellent for root growth but it drains so quickly that it can’t be used in a normal pot or the standard Quadgrow.

The Solar Quadgrow keeps plants perfectly watered depending on the intensity of the sun, allowing plants to make the most of the Hydrococo growing media and providing the roots with plenty of access to oxygen.

With this combination of excellent oxygen access and light-responsive watering your plants will enjoy faster growth, greater resistance to problems associated with humidity and bigger yields.

If you have any questions about growing your own chillies, tomatoes or other veg with our Solar Quadgrow Planter, please feel free to get in touch with our Gardening Angels on 0845 602 3774 or drop us an email at We’re always happy to help!