Sowing Guide - What to Sow & When

If you are uncertain what seeds you should be sowing, when to sow them and when you can expect a harvest from them, take a look at our sowing guide:

What to Sow and When - Seed Sowing Guide

Sowing Seeds

To start sowing your seeds, begin by making shallow furrows in the compost for each row of seeds you be sowing. Next, water the compost until it is moist but not saturated.

If the seeds are small put a few at a time in your hand and place them at intervals along the row. You can also mix seeds with a little sharp sand, as will help you to see where you have sown them.

When sowing seeds, do not sow too many seeds in the first instance. The fewer seeds you sow, the fewer unsuccessful seeds you will have to remove later. However, you will always need to sow more seeds than are needed because not all seeds will germinate.

Cover the seeds with finely sieved compost to roughly the same depth as the length of your seeds: for example, if your seeds are 1mm diameter, cover with 1 – 1.5mm of sieved compost.

Next, place the seeds in a Propagator. If you are using a heated electric propagator, make sure this is set to an appropriate temperature. Most vegetable seeds require a temperature of 15-22˚C, however you should always refer to your seed packets for precise instructions.

Caring For Seeds

Approximately two weeks after the seeds have all emerged, remove weaker looking plants so that there is space between each healthy seedling for it to grow.

In weeks three to six, you might need to remove a few more of the young plants to give the strongest ones more growing space. Once the plants are large enough, typically when they have two seed leaves and two true leaves, they can be potted on into 3“ pots of compost.

Additional Information

For more information about sowing seeds and using a propagator, check our propagation guide.

If you are unsure what tools you will need to help you when you are sowing your seeds, visit our Propagator and Seed Sowing Essentials page.

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