Top Tips for Summer Gardening

Summer can be a challenging time for gardeners, their plants and garden wildlife. Here are our Gardening Angels' top tips for keeping your garden looking glorious this summer.

Summer Gardening Survival Guide

Clever Watering

1) Avoid watering plants in direct sunlight. Splashes of water on plants leaves create a magnifying effect, resulting in scored leaves.

2) Automate your plant watering with a Digital Watering Timer. If you’re using a water saving Drip Irrigation kit, add a timer and adjust your program settings to take into account hot and dry weather conditions. You can then relax, knowing that your growbags, pots and plots and being kept perfectly watered without wasting a drop.

Click & Drip Watering Kit Irrigation Summer Hot WeatherClick & Drip Watering Kit Irrigation Summer Hot Weather

3) If you have Holiday-Proof Quadgrow Planter, add a holiday watering kit to keep your plants watered for even longer. This clever kit will keep your SmartReservoir topped up from a waterbutt for even longer. So no more relying on neighbours or family to top up your plants while you’re away.

4) If you’re growing in containers, use a Pot Carrying Belt to move plant pots to a shaded area of your garden if you’re going on holiday and there is no one available to water your plants. This should help to reduce some moisture loss.

5) Conserve rainwater with a handy waterbutt and re-use in your garden. Perfect if there’s a hosepipe ban and will save you a few pennies too.

6) Re-use your bath or shower water with a Bath Water Siphon. Simply use the hand pump to take water from your bath through a hose straight through to your garden or waterbutt through an open window.

Look Out For Signs Of Dehydration

It’s all too easy in the summer months to miss a sip or two when you’re busy in the garden. Water makes up 45% - 75% of our body weight and we need to drink around 1.5L – 2L of water each day to function properly. Staying hydrated will help us to keep fatigue, headaches, dry skin and sniffles at bay.

Fruit Drink Infuser Summer Hot Weather Garden

Warmer weather increases the rate at which we lose water, so look out for symptoms of dehydration while you’re gardening. Get topped up with fluids if you start to feel light headed or your lips start to dry out. Our Gardening Angels will be keeping our fluids topped up with this fun Fruit Drinks Infuser.

Protect Yourself

1) Keep yourself cool by working in the garden in the early morning or late afternoon. Stay in the shade as much as possible.

2) Wear loose clothing and a hat that shades your face, ears and back of your neck.

3) Apply sunscreen and insect repellent to prevent nasty burns and bites.

Gardeners Leather ApronGardeners Leather Gloves

4) Protect your hands with some leather gardening gloves and an apron.

5) Save a few light tasks for the shade to give yourself a well-deserved break.

Don’t Forget to Weed

Weeds are known for growing quickly and will compete with your plants for valuable moisture. Keep on top of weeding with a weeding fork to help remove even the toughest weeds from the base and help keep prized plants moist.

Look Out For Pests & Disease

1) Hang up sticky traps to catch flying pests in your garden, greenhouse or polytunnel and help identify which pest control to use.

2) Increase humidity & lower temperatures by hosing the floor of your greenhouse or polytunnel to deter red spider mites on hot days. You can even place buckets of water around your growing area.

3) Remove fallen foliage to help prevent the spread of fungal disease.

4) Slugs & Snails love wet, warm weather and helps to create the perfect breeding ground for them. Read our tops tips and prevent them from munching holes through your plants and bulbs.

5) Add a Pest Control Guide to your gardener’s tool box to help you identify, control and prevent common pests damaging your plants.

6) Ventilate your growing area by opening doors and windows or use a greenhouse fan to help prevent your plants from overheating. Our all in one Greenhouse Fan & Heater includes a summer mode which allows air to circulate, preventing mould and fungal growth.

Tend to Garden Wildlife

Birds and mammals such as hedgehogs can suffer in the heat as food and water can be in short supply. Give them a helping hand and they’ll carry on keeping our gardens looking gorgeous by controlling unwanted pests & pollinating our plants for bumper crops and stunning flowers.

Keep Hedgehogs fed and wateredBird Feeders

In hot, dry conditions, worms retreat far down below the soil surface, while slugs & snails shelter in cool, shady spots. This makes it harder for birds and other predators such as hedgehogs and frogs to access food.

If you don’t have a bird bath, add a stone in the middle of a plant saucer with a textured finish so birds can grip to the edge. Don’t forget to place your bird bath where birds have clear visibility as they bathe and drink, with bushes or trees nearby to provide cover if they are alarmed and perches to use when preening.

If you’re short of space you can help keep birds well fed with this Bird feeder. The skewer on this clever feeder holds fruit, kitchen scraps and fat balls in place and the foot rest beneath the food area gives visiting birds a place to perch.

Hedgehogs, especially babies will be emerging and will be in search of water. Leave a dish of water on the ground for visiting hedgehogs. Avoid leaving bread and milk out as this can dehydrate them even further during hot spells. Click here for more top tips on helping cute hedgehogs.

And Finally….

Gardening Angel Paul

Take a break to admire all your hard work and read a good gardening book. Gardening Angel Paul will be diving into ‘Tasty Tropical Plants’ book and planning his next tropical adventure growing in his Rain & Drain Tropical Planter.