Top Tips for Greenhouse Frost Protection

 Top Tips for Greenhouse Frost Protection

Greenhouse Frost Protection is an important task at this time of year - here are our top tips to give your plants protection this winter.

As the cold weather draws closer, now is the time to invest in some quality Greenhouse Frost Protection. Autumn is the perfect time to give your greenhouse a bit of a tidy to give your overwintering plants the best chance of survival.

Here are our top tips for giving your greenhouse some TLC before the frosts hit. Not cleared out your greenhouse ready for the season ahead yet? Autumn is a good time to give your greenhouse a good clean and some TLC before filling it with tender plants for overwintering.

It may not be the most glamorous of gardening jobs but it is one that will greatly improve the care and protection your greenhouse provides, plus it will get rid of any nasty pests or bugs that are planning on overwintering!

First, clean your greenhouse!

Before you fit any insulation, it's a good idea to clean your greenhouse. Remove all the plants you can and place them in a sheltered area while you carry out the cleaning - if cleaning your greenhouse will take a while it's worth covering plants with a frost fleece to protect them from the cold and any leaf scorch.

Frost Fleeces

Brush or vacuum out any debris from your greenhouse and remove any rubbish (recycle or compost whatever you can!).

Give any structural parts as well as panes a good clean to get rid of any dirt and grime. Our Greenhouse Cleaner is perfect for removing algae, mould and lichen. It’ll also get rid of any old greenhouse shading.

Adding greenhouse insulation

Now your greenhouse is clean, make sure it’s protected against winter cold spells. Before fitting your greenhouse insulation, make sure you're fixing any opportunities for draughts. Ensure any broken sections are fixed or replaced, look at sealing any gaps in the frame and ensure vents and doors are fitting properly.

Now you can look at insulating the walls to protect against frost. Bubble wrap is an easy and effective solution, and effectively acts as double glazing.

Bubble Wrap

If you have a power supply in your greenhouse, adding a heater will ensure you’re ready for any particularly cold patches, and it doesn't have to cost the earth. You can maintain a constant temperature in your greenhouse or polytunnel with tube heaters - they'll provide a steady background heat with really low running costs £0.005 Per Hour / Per Foot.

Greenhouse Tube Heaters

Looking for something that will provide greenhouse heating in winter months and cooling in summer? Why not try a combined greenhouse heater & fan - once again, this can have very low running costs and distributes air quickly and evenly, so you can maintain the temperature of your greenhouse or polytunnel without spending a fortune on energy bills.

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