Tomato Advice

For grow your own gardeners growing on a patio, greenhouse or polytunnel our best-selling Quadgrow planter is ideal. Described by Garden Answers as “The answer to most gardeners’ prayers”,

The Quadgrow planter is the perfect replacement for traditional tomato pots and grow bags as it produces 2x bigger harvests and holiday-proofs your plants. It is ideal for growing tomatoes and tall cropping plants. The most popular plant for our Quadgrow planter is tomatoes because tomatoes particularly dislike irregular watering. Overwatering and sporadic watering can cause tomatoes to develop blossom end rot or cause the tomato fruit to split. The Quadgrow planter keeps plants perfectly fed and watered for up to 2 weeks at a time resulting in healthier plants with bigger harvests of whatever you are growing.

The varieties of tomatoes you can grow in a Quadgrow planter depends on whether you are growing tomatoes in a greenhouse, polytunnel or outdoors. Vine tomatoes also known as indeterminate are best if you are growing tomatoes in greenhouses and polytunnels. Indeterminate tomatoes are the most popular. Popular varieties of indeterminate tomato plants include Sungold tomato, Piccolo tomato and Gardeners Delight. These tomato plants can grow to several metres long. Bush tomato varieties are also known as determinate tomatoes and are more compact, ideal if you are growing tomatoes outside. Popular varieties include Tumbling Tom, Red Alert and Garden Pearl.

Favourite tomato varieties include: Country Taste – large tomatoes full of flavour, meaty texture. Lldi – Sweet, yellow cherry tomatoes suitable for growing outdoors and in a greenhouse. Sungold – Golden orange deliciously sweet tomato, slightly larger than a cherry tomato.