Tomato Planters & Kits

If growing tomatoes is your speciality, then take a look at our tomato growing kits. The type of tomatoes you decide to grow really depends on the taste and textures you like. It is important to make sure the tomato variety you pick is suited to your growing space. Read our tomato growing guide to learn more.

If you are growing in a greenhouse or on a patio, then you will love our Quadgrow tomato growing kit. The Quadgrow Planter is our best-selling planter and you can achieve 2x bigger harvests of strong healthy tomato plants compared to when growing tomatoes in grow bags. Even better, the Quadgrow will keep your tomato plants perfectly fed and watered for up to 10 days, so perfect if you are going away on holiday. If you fancy an extra treat then take a look at our Deluxe Quadgrow Growing Kit which includes are best-selling Quadgrow Holiday Proof planter, tomato seeds and seed sowing essentials. The great thing about our Quadgrow planter is its also great for growing other tall cropping vegetables including beans, chillies and aubergines.

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