Tomato Trouble Shooting

Splitting tomatoes? Blossom end rot? Banish them and other tomato growing problems with our tomato trouble shooting guide! (ohh and a Quadgrow might help too!)



catfacing tomatoes


Symptoms Deformed tomatoes with grooves / indentations from end to end.

Cause Low temperatues or insect damage while the plant is in blossom.

Prevention / Cure Heat your greenhouse if temperatures are forecast below 10 °C while the plant is in bloom. Select resistant varieties. Plants will recover when temperatures warm up!


Blossom End Rot Blossom End Rot


Symptoms Dark patches at the lower end of the tomato, which gradually widen and deepen.

Cause Calcium deficiency which is often caused by uneven watering or trace element deficiency.

Prevention / Cure Remove the affected tomatoes. Correct the watering regime; tomatoes hate irregular watering! Cover the soil with a horticultural mulch mat to reduce evaporation.



Tomato cracking


Symptoms Split fruit.

Cause Sudden increases in moisture after dry spells can cause tomatoes to expand beyond their skins ability to expand. Cherry tomatoes are particularly susceptible.

Prevention / Cure Try to keep soil moisture levels even and pick cherry tomatoes just before they are ripe.


Sun Scald

Plants sun scald


Symptoms Skin looks leathery or bruised, sunken and puckered.

Cause The tomatoes have been exposed to too much direct sunlight.

Prevention / Cure Leave enough foliage on plants when pruning. Greenhouse shading can also be used.


tomato growing tips


Quadgrow Self-Watering Planter

Moisture Metre



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