Top 5 Gardening Gifts For Chilli Lovers

Our Gardening Angels know plenty of chilli lovers (including themselves!), and they’re willing to bet their secateurs that you do too! If you know someone who’s wishing for some festive spice, you’ve come to the right place. Here are our Gardening Angels’ top chilli themed gardening gifts for those heat lovers.

Ultimate Chilligrow Kit - £35.00

Top 5 Gardening Gifts For Chilli Lovers - Ultimate Chilligrow - Gardening ShopChilli-lovers will love this Ultimate Growing Kit, which contains everything you need to grow a bumper crop from seed to harvest. Included in the bundle is our award-winning Chilligrow Planter, produces 2x bigger harvests compared to standard pots & growbags.

It keeps your plants perfectly watered for up to 5 days at a time. Perfect moisture levels around the roots are maintained thanks to FeederMats that supply water to the roots precisely when the plants need it.

Wait There's More!
Also included in this fabulous kit is a propagator to get your seeds started, and award-winning Nutrigrow Plant Food, formulated to help grow healthier plants and bigger harvests.


Herb & Chilli Dryer - £29.50

Top 5 Gardening Gifts For Chilli Lovers - Chilli Herb Dryer - Gardening ShopDry your chillies, herbs, seeds, fruit, mushrooms and more on this handy dryer. Preserving allows you to make use of your home grown and foraged produce all year round. Made from salvaged rubber wood and washable unbleached cotton drying sheets, the Herb & Chilli Dryer is easy to assemble and comes flat-packed with instructions. It was even shortlisted ‘Product Of The Year’ by Chelsea Flower Show.

Did You Know?
Air drying is an ancient effective method of preserving crops, which intensifies flavours.


Chilli Growing Kit - £15.00

Top 5 Gardening Gifts For Chilli Lovers - Chilli Growing Kit - Gardening ShopGrow your own chillies and brighten up your patio in a few simple steps with this easy to use instant growing kit. Contains everything you need to grow some deliciously hot chillies! Includes a mini propagator to give seeds a great start and 3 x 7.5 litre plant pots.

These wonderful GardenPop Growing Kits make great stocking fillers (you may need a slightly bigger stocking!). They are also available for growing Tomato, as well as Aubergine, Pepper and Green Beans.

Chilli Seeds
The Chilli Growing Kit includes a selection of seeds for growing Hungarian Hot Wax, Ring of Fire and Roktika chillies.


Hot Sauce Recipe Book - £10.00

Top 5 Gardening Gifts For Chilli Lovers - Hot Sauce Book - Gardening ShopIf you're a fan of growing and cooking with chillies you will love Hot Sauce written by Jennifer Trainer Thompson. Includes 32 recipes for making your own signature hot sauces, ranging from mild to blisteringly hot. You will also find another 60 recipes for making use of your deliciously hot homemade sauces!

Queen Of Hot
Jennifer Trainer Thompson has been dubbed the ‘Queen of Hot’ and is a recognised leader in the spicy foods movement.


Vitopod Heated Propagator - From £130.00

Top 5 Gardening Gifts For Chilli Lovers - Vitopod Propagator - Gardening ShopThere’s no better way to start your chilli seeds, than with our award-winning Vitopod Heated Propagator. It’s at the top of many gardeners’ wish lists! So if you really want to spoil someone then this multi-award-winner is definitely the gift to choose.

Whether you’re growing chilli or any number of delicious crops, you can be confident this height adjustable heated propagator will provide your plants with the perfect growing environment!

Did You Know?
You can add more layers to the Vitopod and transform it into a mini greenhouse! Perfect for adding more growing space and overwintering plants.


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