Top 5 Gardening Gifts for Foodies

Our Gardening Angels love indulging in various treats from the garden, and Christmas is the perfect excuse to enjoy some tasty treats. If you're looking for ideas for gardening gifts for foodies, here are our five top gardening gifts that are perfect for any food and drink loving gardeners.Top 5 Gardening Gifts for Foodies
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Chillsner - £17.00

Top 5 Gardening Gifts for Foodies
 - CHillsner - Gardening ShopFestive drinks will be flowing come Christmas day, so a Chillsner is perfect for keeping them ice cold. Simply pop the Chillsner in the freezer for a couple of hours, place it in your beer bottle and enjoy an ice cold beverage.

Perfect For
Chillsners are great to enjoy after a hard day's work in the garden or on the plot. Sit back and relax with an ice-cold beverage, you deserve it! 


New Kitchen Garden Book - £25.00

Top 5 Gardening Gifts for Foodies
 - New Kitchen Garden Book - Gardening ShopA fabulous read for anyone who enjoys growing their own fruit and veg. The New Kitchen Garden book is packed full of inspirational pages of practical growing guides. It includes guides for almost 200 vegetables, fruit, nuts, herbs and spices, and is even recommended by Monty Don!

We Love A Good Read
We have a fabulous selection of reading material, including books on Hot Sauce, Epic Tomatoes, Pests & Weeds and much more! Click here to view more.


Tea, Fruit & Vodka Infuser - £23.00

Top 5 Gardening Gifts for Foodies
 - Drinks Infuser - Gardening ShopMake some deliciously refreshing drinks from fruit and herbs with this Tea, Fruit & Vodka Infuser. It comes complete with a flask so you can even make some winter warmers and keep them hot! A yummy way to stay hydrated throughout the winter months.

Top Tip
Take a look at our Drinks Infuser Guide for some recipe inspiration!


Basil Growing Kit - £14.00

Top 5 Gardening Gifts for Foodies
 - Basil Growing Kit - Gardening ShopIt’s always nice to have some basil to hand in the kitchen, which makes this Basil Growing Kit perfect for any keen cook. Includes an all-in-one compost, propagator and pot so you can easily sow seeds and grow this delightful herb.

Recycled from 180 yoghurt pots in the UK, this is an ideal gift for anybody with a passion for the environment and growing their own.


Garden Pop Kits - £15.00

Top 5 Gardening Gifts for Foodies
 - Grow Your Own Veg Kits - Gardening ShopThese bright, funky and fun growing kits have everything you need to grow delicious veg and will look great on your patio! Includes everything you need from sowing to planting, and a step-by-step guide. Choose from Tomato, Chilli or Aubergine, Pepper & Green Been. What kind of grower are you?

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Watch our Garden Pop Patio Veg Kit video to learn more.


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Tea, Fruit & Vodka Infuser - £22.99