Top 5 Gardening Gifts for Wildlife Lovers

There’s nothing more spectacular than a wildlife-rich garden. With so many benefits, including pest control, wildlife watching and giving a helping hand to nature, eco gardeners will love unwrapping our Gardening Angels’ top five gardening gifts for wildlife lovers. 

Butterfly House & Feeder - £18.00

Top 5 Gardening Gifts for Wildlife Lovers  - Butterfly Biome - Gardening ShopWildlife-loving gardeners (and butterflies too!) will love this hibernation and feeding house. It provides a perfect habitat for butterflies year round- in winter they'll shelter inside and in spring and summer the feeding tray can be used to hold sugar and water, butterfly food or pieces of ripe fruit.

Top Tip
Butterflies will help pollinate your garden. They are attracted to brightly coloured, fragrant flowers and feed on nectar produced by the flowers.


Bat Conservation Box - £41.00

Top 5 Gardening Gifts for Wildlife Lovers  - Bat Box - Gardening ShopHelp declining bat populations by providing them with a warm home which remains at a constant temperature throughout winter. Bats are essential pollinators of flowers, they spread seeds and play a big part in stopping insect populations from getting out of control. Even bat droppings (Guano) make a rich natural fertiliser. Our planet would be a truly different place without bats.

Did You Know?
Bats can eat up to 1000 mosquitos in an hour. They are a fantastic form of pest control.


Bird Cake Kit & Feeder - £8.50

Top 5 Gardening Gifts for Wildlife Lovers  - Bird Cake Feeder & Kit - Gardening ShopHave some fun observing birds feasting in your garden with this Bird Cake Kit & Feeder. Awonderful gift for any bird lovers and gardeners wanting to attract more to their garden.

Includes a hanging bird feeder made from recycled yoghurt pots, bird feed, suet and a bird cake mould.

Top Tip
Birds will patrol your garden and feast on pesky pests, helping to keep your plants safe.


Bee Hyve - £19.99

Top 5 Gardening Gifts for Wildlife Lovers  - Bee Hyve - Gardening ShopPollinating bumble bees will love this stylish Bee Hyve. Attract them to your plot and they’ll improve the quality and yield of fruit and veg, as well as ornamentals. The bees that this habitat will attract are safe around children and pets as they do not live in colonies, and don't have stores of honey to protect. They're perfectly happy going from flower to flower in your garden, minding their own business and not disturbing anyone!

This beautiful bee house can either be stood on a ledge or hung by a hook on a wall or fence. Why not attract bees to the garden and add some beautiful colour with our wildflower seeds - perfect for attracting bumble bees and pollinating bees!  

Top Tip
Bees are hard-working when it comes to pollinating and can carry heavy loads, and even work during low light, strong wind and drizzle.


Hogilo Hedgehog House - £50.00

Top 5 Gardening Gifts for Wildlife Lovers  - Hogilo Hedgehog House - Gardening ShopGive a spikey little friend some five star hospitality with this Luxury Hedgehog Retreat. Perfect for hibernation during the winter and as a nesting box in the summer. This offers them a predator-proof retreat and feeding station, and extra protection from lawnmowers and garden tools. They’ll soon repay you by eating up to 80 crop munching slugs per night!

Did You Know?
Hedgehogs have about 5000 spines. Each spine lasts about a year then drops out and a replacement grows.


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