Don't risk getting another pair of socks! Drop some hints with our Gardening Angels' top gardening gifts for Father's Day.

Father's Day Gardening Gifts

Fruit Tree Picker - £12.00

Father's Day Gardening Gifts Fruit Tree Picker

You’ll be harvesting apples, pears and other hard to reach fruit in double quick time with this ingenious Fruit Tree Picker. Thanks to its 146cm long handle, it’s faster and easier to use than that rickety ladder!

The grabbing prongs pull the fruit off branches, which are safely caught in the cushioned basket to prevent bruising. Our Gardening Angels are big fans of apple pie, so we highly recommend you get picking and baking. Don't forget to save us a slice!

Father's Day Gardening Gifts Hot Sauce Book

Hot Sauce Recipe Book - £10.00

The Hot Sauce Recipe Book is packed full of inspiration for chilli lovers. Includes 32 recipes for making your own signature hot sauces, ranging from mild to blisteringly hot.

You will also find another 60 recipes for making use of your deliciously hot homemade sauces. There’s even a few tips for making a fiery cocktail or two! Perfect for Dads who enjoy the spice of life.

Epic Tomatoes Book - £15.00

Father's Day Gardening Gifts Epic Tomatoes BookIf you’re expecting some terrific tomato harvests this season then you’ll love ‘Epic Tomatoes’ by Tomato expert Craig LeHoullier. Jam packed full of handy hints, tips and stunning illustrations on everything you need to know on growing and harvesting 200 varieties of tomatoes.

Incredibly photographed and beautifully laid out with comprehensive guides from sowing and planting to dealing with pests.

Gardening Gifts Father's Day Knee Pads

Gardener's Knee Pads - £14.99

Dads can take the strain off their knees with these super-comfy knee pads voted ‘Best Buy’ by Kitchen Garden Magazine. Designed with adjustable Velcro straps and buckles to keep them secure, they’re easy to wipe clean after kneeling in the mud too!

Beepol Lodge & Colony - £150.00

Gardening Gifts Father's Day Beepol Lodge ColonyImprove the quality and yield of fruit and veg, as well as ornamentals by attracting pollinating bumble bees to with this stylish Beepol Lodge & Colony. Bumble bees are non-aggressive so there’s no need to wear a protective bee suit. You can even watch these helpful bees at work through a viewing panel in the lid!

Once you've set up your Beepol hive send off your bee voucher to arrange the delivery of your bees. You will be sent a queen bee, 40-50 worker bees and eggs all reared in disease free, hygienic conditions and packed in a carton that fits onto the lodge for easy transfer.

Gardening Gifts Father's Day Duogrow Holiday Proof Planter

Duogrow Holiday-Proof Planter - From £28.00

Dads can throw away their holiday-watering rota and grow 2x bigger harvests with this vibrant vegetable planter.

It’s the perfect on the patio or in the greenhouse, specially designed to keep plants perfectly watered for up to 14 days at a time. It's the gift that keeps on giving. No wonder it was voted 'Best Buy' in Which? Magazine!

Gardening Gifts Father's Day Tool & Tuck Tin

Tool & Tuck Tin - £18.90

Be the envy of the plot with this cleverly designed gardeners tool tin. Includes a spacious main tool storage compartment and a hidden sliding compartment for Dads sneaky snacks and beers!  Available in petrol blue or burgundy.

Trowel & Fork Gift Set - £19.95

Trowel & Fork Gift Set Fathers DayGardening Angel Dave will be treating his Dad to this fabulous Trowel & Fork Gift Set, adored by Kitchen Garden Magazine!

These fabulous tools are made from carbon steel with FSC hardwood painted handles, and the trowel is beautifully engraved with a gardening quote. Available in red or blue, they’re presented in a wonderfully illustrated box, making it super easy to wrap.

9L Watering Can - £35.90

Watering Can Father's Day Gardening Gifts

This 9L Watering Can is made from rust resistant galvanised steel and designed to last a lifetime. Cleverly weighted ‘for automatic pouring’, the emptier it gets the more it tips forward taking the hard labour out of watering.

The oval shaped handle is, ergonomically designed and the brass rose is removable. We're sure Dads will be over the moon with this watering can, it really is lovely to use!

Gift Vouchers Fathers Day GardeningGreenhouse Sensation Gift Vouchers - From £5.00

If you’ve seen a gardening gift or gizmo that Dad may like, then why not treat him to one of our gift vouchers?

Choose between £5, £10, £20 and £50 vouchers, to be used on any of the Greenhouse Sensation range.

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