Top Jobs For Easter Bank Holiday

Get ready for the new season and enjoy some extra time in your garden over the extended Easter weekend. Here are our Gardening Angels' top jobs for the Easter bank holiday weekend.Top Garden Jobs Easter Bank Holiday

Organise Your Seed Collection

Seed Storage TinTake stock of your seeds and discard any open and/or out of date packets. Using fresh healthy seeds will increase your chances of germination.

Top up your collection and store it in a shoebox or Seed Storage Tin, that latter of which will protect them from cheeky mice, pests and moisture. You can also organise your seed collection by month so you can plan your growing schedule.

Top Tip
Save a small fortune by collecting and storing seeds. Read our handy guide.


Clean Pots

Pot Cleaning BrushClean pots with hot soapy water so plants have a clean environment to grow. Soil builds up salt containing harmful bacteria that can infect plants. Cleaning pots will help prevent diseases being transferred between plants.

Top Tip
Use a Pot Cleaning Brush to give your pots a good scrub with some hot soapy water.


Give Your Tools Some TLC

Check your tools are still in good working condition, so that everything from pruning to seed sowing can be done more efficiently. Tools such as secateurs and shears may need their hinges oiling and blades sharpening with a Sharpening Steel.

Our multi-purpose Eco Gardener’s Soap is great for cleaning various garden tools, and can even be used to bath the family dog! Dab a small amount on a sponge or brush, as a little goes a long way! Read this handy guide for more surprising uses!

Top Tip
If you’ve planned out what you want to do in the garden this season, make sure you have the correct tools.


Support Your Plants

Plant Supports Vivigrow TomatoesUse roller hooks and soft-ties to support young plants as they grow bigger. Plants can be prone to flopping the bigger they get so adding extra support will help them grow stronger and taller. Gardening Angel Paul has been using roller hooks to support our young tomato plants growing in our Vivigrow planter.

Offering your plants support for the environment they’re growing in is also important. Using a horticultural fleece can help keep the chill off seedlings and also warm the soil in preparation for sowing. Take a look at our range of fleeces.

Pruning – It’s Not Too Late!

SecateursIt's not too late to complete pruning jobs if you haven't got round to them yet. Many shrubs, trees and climbers will be growing and it’s worth checking them for winter damage.

Prune roses to encourage strong new growth. Watch out for thorns, it’s a good idea to wear gloves. Early-flowering Clematis should be pruned once their flowers have finished, and summer-flowering Clematis before they start into active growth.

Pruning Winter Flowering Jasmine after flowering will encourage new growth for next year's blooms. Cut back the previous year’s growth to 5cm from the old wood. We’d also recommend cutting back overwintered fuchsias to one or two buds on each shoot.

Top Tip
Ready for a shiny new pair of secateurs? Take a look at our pruning tools.


Welcome Some Wildlife

Help HedgehogsEncourage wildlife to thrive in your garden to increase pollination, pest control and help declining populations.

Hedgehogs are currently waking up from hibernation, so a Hedgehog Retreat is a nice way to welcome spikey friends into your garden and provide them with a safe place from predators. Populations are declining, so there’s never been a better time to encourage hedgehogs into your garden. Read our guide for more info on how helping hedgehogs can help your garden.

Add a bird feeder or nesting box to your garden and our feathered friends will repay you with excellent pest control. Check out our bird houses and feeders for some lovely inspiration.

Sit Down With A Good Book

Eco Gardening BookAfter some hard work in the garden, make a brew and get lost in a good gardening book. Gardening Angel Charlotte will be relaxing with The New Kitchen Garden Book by Mark Diacono, full of growing inspiration for all types of gardens. Eco-conscious gardeners will love this Eco Gardening Book, whichincludes tips on how to preserve home-grown produce, maintain tools and reduce chemical use.

Pick up some ideas, hints and tips for your garden and vegetable plots, and plan ahead for the season. But don’t be afraid to doze off, we’re sure you’ve earned it! Check out a brilliant book section.

Need further help?

Our Gardening Angels are here to help you grow strong, healthy plants with bumper harvests. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions on 0845 602 3774 or drop us an email at We’re always here to help!