Top Geeky Gardening Gadgets

Gardening Geeks rejoice! Our brilliant selection of Geeky Gardening Gadgets and Gizmos are sure to keep the plants gardens & greenhouses growing brilliantly.

Unapod Heated Propagator With Integrated Lights


Unapod Heated Propagator with Integrated LightsGrow like a pro with the Unapod Heated Propagator with integrated lights. The 2 lights sit in specially designed grooves in the propagator lid and emit a spectrum of light that guarantees lush green growth and prevents seedlings becoming leggy & weak.

Deluxe Soil Test Kit


Deluxe Soil Test KitThe comprehensive testing kit includes everything you need to test nutrient levels in your soil, along with advice for suggested amends.

Test H, Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium levels so you can take the guesswork out of gardening!

Organic Plant Food Maker 


Organic Plant Food MakerFor the eco-friendly gardening geek, make your own nutrient rich plant food with this organic plant food maker.

Simply fill with leaves, add water and wait for 2 weeks if using nettles or 6 weeks if using comfrey.

Digital Thermometer & Hygrometer 


Digital Thermometer and HygrometerAn essential tool that no gardener should go without!

Display, monitor and record the minimum and maximum temperatures and humidity levels of your greenhouse with this digital Thermometer & Hygrometer.

Soil Moisture Meter 


Soil Moisture MeterKeep soil at the right moisture levels with this handy Soil Moisture Meter, suitable for use in the garden, greenhouse and for house plants.

A brilliantly handy geeky gadget; especially if you have to rely on someone less green-fingered than yourself to water your plants when you’re on holiday!

Rainfall Measure 


Rainfall MeasureMake sure never overwater your plants but monitoring rainfall with this handy garden gadget.

Simply place beside your plants and check after rain to monitor water levels to monitor the amount of water your plants have had

Hydropod Cuttings Propagator 

From £54.00

Hydropod Cuttings PropagatorIncrease your cuttings success rates and restock your garden for free with the Hydropod Cuttings Propagator.

The Hydropod sprays a constant mist over the base of the cuttings. This maintains perfect moisture levels without water-logging so there's no risk of root rot or fungal infections.

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