Top Picks - August Bank Holiday In The Garden

The August Bank Holiday is fast approaching. Make the most of it with our Gardening Angels top Gardening picks to help you enjoy the extended weekend in the garden.

August Bank Holiday Top Picks Garden

Ingenious Berry Picker

Berry picking season runs from June to late October in the UK, so Gardening Angel Emma will be harvesting in double-quick time with her ingenious Berry Picker.

Berry Picker Harvester

The berry picker is cleverly designed to comb out berries from bushes, which means no more scratched arms and sticky hands when picking berries among thorns!

Perfect for harvesting various wild fruits, including blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and more. Emma will be making all kinds of jam with her findings!

Top Tip
Berries which are ready for harvesting are normally consistent in colour, firm and juicy.


Colourful Bird Feeder Cups

Gardening Angel Charlotte will be watching birds fluttering around the garden thanks to these colourful bird feeder cups. They’re perfect for creating your own wildlife garden.

Bird Feeder Cups

Each powder-coated steel cup has a ground spike for use in flower borders, lawns, pots or planters, so you can find the perfect spot. The cups even have drainage holes, so you don’t need to worry about them flooding if it rains.

Charlotte knows that visiting birds will love the sunflower hearts she leaves out, and also gobble up any garden pests too.

Special Offer
Buy 2 cups of the same colour and SAVE £2.00!


Eco Gardener’s Soap

This multi-purpose gardener’s soap is a favourite of everyone’s and received a 5 star review from Kitchen Garden magazine!

Eco Gardeners Soap Savon Noir Liquide

It’s powerful enough to clean everything from BBQs to garden tools, and gentle enough to use as a hand soap or for shampooing the family dog. We know a few dogs who will be queuing up!

You can even use it as a pest control spray to keep pesky spidermite and greenfly off your prized crops and flowers.

Handy Tool & Tuck Tins

Gardening Angel Paul will be sneaking off to the plot with his trusty Tool & Tuck Tin to snack on some home-grown tomatoes and catch some sunshine.

Tool & Tuck Tin

With generous space for tools and a hidden sliding compartment for treats (and Paul’s favourite beers), it’s the perfect companion when heading to the allotment.

Garden Storage
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The New Kitchen Garden Book

Gardening Angel Maria will be putting her feet up and relaxing with The New Kitchen Garden Book, by Mark Diacono.

The New Kitchen Garden Book - Mark Diacono

This 384 page guide is full of inspirational content no matter what size growing area you have and an essential handbook and growing guide.

Maria is a huge fan of celebrity gardener, Monty Don, who has urged growers to “rush out and buy it!”

Garden Books
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4.5L Worktop Fruit Press

Thirsty Gardening Angel Dave will be making some delicious cider with this 4.5L Worktop Fruit Press, which comes with a FREE cider and juice making guide.

Worktop Fruit Press

It’s ideal for pressing apple, grape, pear, raspberry strawberry or any other soft seeded fruit to make delicious juice. The compact size makes it perfect for using on table tops or outdoors.

Homemade cider will be the perfect reward for Dave after those hot days in the garden.

Fruit Pressing Essentials
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