Top 5 Seed Sowing Essentials

Sow your seeds to perfection and get them off to the best possible start with our Gardening Angels' Top 5 Seed Sowing Essentials.Seed Sowing Essentials

Seed Sowing Essentials Gardening EquipmentJiffy Coir Pellets - From £2.50
Used by professional horticulturalists and gardeners for over 50 years, Jiffy Pellets have a loyal following and are one of the simplest and cleanest ways to raise seeds and cuttingsWhen the roots have grown through the wall of the Jiffy pellet your plant is ready to be potted-on as you would if you had sown your seeds in soil.

Seed Spacing Rule - £19.99
Take the guesswork out of seed spacing with this handy rule with seed sowing holes along it's length and markings for the spacing for different veg.

Garden Sieve - £10.99
AThis 2 in 1 Gardening Sieve removes lumps and create the perfect grade of compost to give seeds the best start. The sieve is supplied complete with two interchangeable screens - 6mm and 12mm hole size.

25 x Organic Seedling Pots - £4.00
These biodegradable pots provide roots with much better access to oxygen than plastic pots, so the seedlings develop stronger, healthier roots. When it's time to pot-on place the pot into the ground or larger pot and it will biodegrade.

Wooden Seedling Labels - £4.00
These wooden seedling labels are a cost-effective and natural way to label your seedlings with plenty of space to include the variety, source and sowing date.

Vitopod Heated Propagator

Increase Seed Germination Success Rate
Get your seeds off to the best start and increase their germination success rate with our award-winning Vitopod Heated Propagator. Our Vitopod Propagator has won many awards because it provides the perfect environment for your seeds, with an evenly heated base, an accurate adjustable thermostat up to 30°C, large vents to manage humidity and adjustable height.


Seed Sowing Guide

Seed Sowing GuideLooking to start planning your 2018 growing season? Take a look at our handy seed sowing monthly schedule.

Now is the ideal time to start planning your garden for the next year! Use our calendar to plan what to grow and when, so you can get a head start on the growing season.

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