Top Tips For Dropping Gift Hints

Dropping Hints Gardening Gifts - Gardening ShopWe all have a Christmas wish list that includes the perfect gardening gift. Whether you feel too cheeky to ask, or your loved-one has already pencilled you in for some Santa socks (oh no!), dropping some subtle hints can land you the gift you really want. Gardening Angel Dave has been busy perfecting these top tips for dropping hints this Christmas.

Strategic Brochure Placement

Dropping Gardening Gift Hints - Gardening ShopThere are all kinds of places you can leave our lovely brochure for a loved-one to stumble across. Cleverly placed on your coffee table, pinned on a notice board, or left on a car seat will catch the eye of the right person.

You could even be extra clever and circle the gifts you want! If you haven’t yet requested our FREE Gardening Brochure, you can do so by clicking here.

Share It On Social Media

Dropping Hints Gardening Gifts - Gardening ShopIt only takes two ticks to share a post on social media, and all your friends will see it! We’re always posting our brilliant gardening products and wonderful deals on our Facebook Page. You can also click the share button on our product pages.

So by simply sharing something you like, you can let all your friends know what you’re hoping to unwrap on the 25th.

Write A Wish List

Dropping Hints Gardening Gifts - Gardening ShopGardening Angel Dave thinks you’re never too old to write a Christmas wish list!

Anything from five to ten items is a great amount that can casually make use of one of your fridge magnets. You could even slip it inside a book a certain someone is reading. Cheeky but very effective!

Leave Our Website Open

Dropping Hints Gardening Gifts - Gardening ShopWhether you’re browsing our website on the family desktop, laptop or tablet, there’s no shame in leaving open a few windows of our lovely gardening products. A Vitopod here and a Trowel & Fork Gift Set there.

You could even save them as bookmarks. Think of it as a virtual wish list!

Share Our 12 Days Of Christmas Videos

Dropping Hints Gardening GiftsMany of us will find ourselves spending extended periods on YouTube and sharing various videos with our friends and family. So why not combine this with one of our 12 Days Of Christmas Videos? Hunt around our videos and find yourself the perfect gardening gift and share it on social media or pop it in an email.

Need further help?

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