Top Tips for Winter Plant Protection

With a little preparation and some frost protection essentials there’s no reason your plants can’t thrive this winter.

Frost Protection Jacket to protect your plant from the elements

As shorter days & colder nights approach, take some time to prepare to protect your outdoor plants from the first frost. Try to move any smaller or potted plants to sheltered spots. A Frost Protection Jacket will also provide your plants with further protection.

Our specially designed plant frost jacket is made from extra thick material to protect against temperatures as low as -8°C, but still permeable enough by air, light and moisture to ensure healthy plant growth. The winter sun will warm the air inside the jacket, which will also retain any heat.

Protecting Larger Plants from Frost

For those of you growing fruit trees, palm trees or cordylines, Gardening Fleece, also known as a horticultural fleece, is a highly effective form of plant frost protection. Wrapping garden fleece around the crown and trunk is ideal for protecting it from the bitter winds and harsh cold whilst allowing the plant to absorb water and nutrients for healthy growth.

A Plant Fleece Blanket will save your plant from the frost

Without sufficient frost protection, the water inside your plants’ cells will freeze overnight, damaging the cell walls. When the sun rises in the morning, the suns warmth will quickly defrost the cells and risk rupturing the cell walls altogether. This can take its toll on your plants gradually, or the shock could rupture the cell walls instantly.

Top Frost Protection Tip!

Brick walls will help to shield your plants from the harsh winter winds and, more importantly, absorb heat during the day, releasing it overnight, providing further heating for any nearby plants; making this an ideal spot to relocate prized plants. For additional frost protection our Gardening Angels love this clever Wall mounted Greenhouse.

If possible, you should position your plants at a higher point in your garden as it will minimise damage from sinking cold air. Whilst hearty foliage will not need to be covered, should you experience any snowfall, try to keep as much snow as possible off the branches as the extra weight can cause damage over time.

Propagation During Winter

The Vitopod Propagator is an Award Winning Heated Electric PropagatorProvide seedlings with added protection from cold weather with a heated propagator, perfect for creating a frost free growing growing environment, encouraging your seedlings & young plants to flourish in a safe, temperature controlled miniature greenhouse.

If your using a Vitopod Heated Propagator, plan ahead and add add extra layers to this height adjustable propagator. Perfect for keeping mature, taller plants frost free over winter until outside temperatures begin to increase again and ideal for giving your plants extra room to grow!

If you would like to find out more about frost protection or propagation, feel free to drop us an email at Our Gardening Angels are always happy to help and we’d love to hear about how you get on this winter!