Tomato Planters for Huge Harvests

The Best Tomato Planters for huge harvests

There are few things better in summer than freshly picked, homegrown treats from your tomato planter. Whether you love snacking on them as they are, mixing them into a salad (we love Caprese Salad, made with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil) or making them into pasta sauce - having a greenhouse full of juicy tomatoes makes us all very happy! But have you ever wondered what the best planter to grow tomatoes in is?

If you have limited space to grow in, you'll want to get the most tomatoes possible out of your tomato planters - here are some of our favourite tomato planters and tomato growing systems for getting huge harvests!

Self Watering Tomato Planters

Quadgrow Self Watering Tomato Planter - £46

Quadgrow Self Watering Tomato Planter - Keep tomatoes watered

Our Quadgrow is the ultimate self-watering tomato planter, as it keeps your plants perfectly hydrated for up to two weeks! Because the roots of your plants get exactly the right amount of water, as and when they need it, you'll have bigger and better harvests of tomatoes, peppers, aubergines, cucumbers and more. It comes predrilled with cane support hole - use it with our mulch caps while the plants are young then let a support frame take the strain. The Quadgrow lets you grow four plants - why not try some new varieties? 

Duogrow Self Watering Tomato Planter - £40

Duogrow Self Watering Tomato Planter - Self Watering Vegetable Planter

If you need something smaller than the Quadgrow, our Duogrow planter has two pots. Our cute green growing machines, like the Quadgrow, keeps plants watered through a FeederMat and SmartReservoir system, all without pumps, electricity or timers! 

Single Self Watering Grow Pots - £26.75

Single Self Watering Tomato Planter - Self Watering Grow Tower

If you only have space for a single tomato plant, this self watering Self Watering Tower is perfect - it's equipped with an easy fill self-watering system and 4-litre reservoir. It measures 1.5m in height with a sturdy, aluminium 4 ring support frame that slots securely into the pot. Plus there is an 'anchor' support for optional central bamboo cane and a float indicator which shows the water reservoir level.

This is perfect for tomatoes, peppers, sweet peas and more and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

High Planter - £49.99

High Planter - Raised Tomato Planter for tumbling tomatoes

Perfect for those with a bad back, this 1.15m (3 ft 7) tall planter is the perfect tomato planter for tumbling tomato varieties - the 2 deep planting troughs are also perfect for a wide variety of container vegetables, salads and herbs to be grown. Plants can be out of reach of wild animals, pets and all but the determined slugs - a little copper tape around the legs will see those intrepid ones off! 

T.he planter holds 5 litres of water which it slowly releases to the plants so you can go away for a few days confident that your plants will be watered.

Vivigrow Hydroponic Tomato Planter - £65.00

Vivigrow Tomato Planter - Hydroponic Tomato Planter

This superb hydroponic planter will give you bigger tomato harvests than ever! The Vivigrow Hydroponic Planter is a clever no-soil planter that produces massive crops by keeping plants automatically watered. It works by pumping super-aerated water around the plant's roots for huge harvests - we're talking tomatoes with 50 trusses! Because the Vivigrow doesn't have soil, roots always have access to a super aerated mix of water and nutrients - so the plants are always efficient at absorbing nutrients.


Air Pruning Tomato Planters

Air pruning pots are a great alternative to a pot or grow bag and ideal for small gardens, patios and balconies.

In air pruning pots, the root comes into contact with the air on the side of the pot and the root produces side roots – which take in more moisture and nutrients. This stronger, healthier root system means stronger, healthier tomato plants, faster growth and more tomatoes to harvest! 

Vigoroot Tomato & Potato Planter - £7.00

Vigoroot Tomato Planter - Air pruning planter for tomatoes

This 35cm diameter tomato planter is ideal for patios and small gardens, and simply folds away for storage ready to be used for the next year's planting.

The planter is superior to a grow bag because it's made from a special fabric which ‘air-prunes’ the roots of plants, which improves their ability to grow in a limited volume of compost.


AirRAP Air Pruning Pot - From £2.20

Air pruning tomato planter - AirRAP tomato planter

Our AirRAP pots are available in 5 sizes and in perfect for eliminating root circling.

The AirRAP pots are covered with cones, each with an air hole at the end. Plant roots are guided toward these holes, and are air-pruned when they meet the fresh air. This makes a perfect tomato planter for huge, healthy tomato plants. 


Prefer growing tomatoes in grow bags? 

Some prefer to use grow bags for tomatoes, or if you have enough sun in the allotment or garden, you may prefer planting tomatoes into the ground. In that case we have the perfect self-watering kits to ensure your tomatoes get the perfect amount of water - and they're hosepipe ban friendly! 

Click & Drip Growbag Kit - From £20

CLick and Drip Grow bag watering system - watering tomatoes

Our Click & Drip kit is the simplest ever way to keep grow bags watered - it simply clicks together and includes everything you need to water your grow bags slowly and evenly from a water butt.

Shop our other grow bag accessories here.


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