Upgrade Your Vitopod Into a Mini Greenhouse

Vitopod mini greenhouseProtect mature plants from frosts, add extra layers & transform your Vitopod Propagator into a mini greenhouse. Perfect for giving plants extra space and time to grow.

Many plants can’t be moved outdoors until night time temperatures are no lower than 10C and by this time plants can be much too tall for most propagators. By transforming your Vitopod Propagator into a mini-greenhouse, your plants will have the necessary space to grow right up until they are ready to be planted on.

Reasons to Upgrade Your Vitopod

vitopod extra layers1) Added Plant Protection – Protect mature taller plants from the cold. Perfect for over-wintering established plants and hardening off young plants.
2) Energy & Cost Efficient – Save & keep mature plants warm in a Vitopod Mini Greenhouse instead of heating up your whole greenhouse.
3) Increased Growing Space – Each layer gives 15cm extra growing height giving plants more space to grow.
4) Stabilised layers - Stacked layers up to 11 high without any 'wobble' thanks to a stabilising notch we have engineered into the layers.
5) Large Vents – for superior humidity control & prevention of damping-off.

Triple Height Vitopod Heated Propagator

Special Offer: Vitopod Extra Layer

2x Vitopod Small Extra Layers: £50.00 (Save £10.00)
2x Vitopod Large Extra Layers: £62.00 (Save £14.00)

Click our Video and watch us use extra layers to build a new home for wayward Gardening Angels!

The height-adjustable Vitopod Heated Propagator

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