8 Christmas Plants for the Festive Season

Friday, 29 November 2019 12:03:29 Europe/London

The festive season is fast approaching and adding an extra touch of magic and sparkle to your home is always lovely. Whether you prefer the classic Christmas flowers like Poinsettia or the lesser-used Azalea, you can easily transform your garden into a festive, winter wonderland. 


Poinsettias come in different shapes: they can be shrubs, annuals, succulents, or perennials. They flower red and yellow in winter, thriving in moist but well-drained, loam soil that is either neutral or alkaline. Make sure to watch out for mealybugs, glasshouse red spider mite, and glasshouse whitefly as pests.



A symbol of love - particularly around the festive season, Mistletoe tends to be hung around the house for an extra touch of cheer. But did you know that they’re parasitic plants? If you acquire some for your home, make sure to keep them away from children and animals as they’re toxic.


Paperwhite Narcissus

This beautiful Mediterranean plant is closely related to daffodils, creating bell-shaped blooms with strong and fragrant aromas. With pure white flowers, Paperwhite Narcissus are perfect for your garden and home during Christmas. 

paperwhite narcissus

Winter Cherry

Blooming small white flowers in summer and tomato-like berries in winter, you can expect delightfully red decorations near the festive season. They like bright light, but not direct light, and cool temperatures without drafts. 

winter cherry


Deck your halls with boughs of Holly…

With Christmas just around the corner, Holly plants are almost a must-have for the classic festive feel. Formerly seen as sacred by Druids, Holly has become a symbol of Christmas.



If you’re looking for a plant blooming in bright colours and large, open blooms, then Azalea is perfect. It’s said that Azaleas represent elegance, passion, abundance, taking care of yourself, and taking care of your family. Perfect for the festive season!



Naturally flowering in winter and spring, Amaryllis has vibrant bell-shaped flowers. These bloom in beautiful variations of red and white, a combination of the two colours, and pink and peach. They’re great choices to add to your winter garden for the festive season!


Winter Heathers

Hardy and easy to grow, these plants bloom flowers that last for weeks. They grow best in slightly alkaline or acidic soils, in either full light or slight shade. Providing a variation of pink, purple, and white, you can create stunning displays at home or in your garden.

winter heathers

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