Autumn Veg Planting

Wednesday, 25 September 2013 10:39:32 Europe/London

Planting Winter Veg

Plant now- Harvest in spring!

If you plant before the end of October you can harvest onions, spring onions, shallots and garlic in early spring.

 Members of the onion family are perfectly suited to winter growing as they will tolerate temperatures below freezing. If you are growing outdoors in raised beds or borders we would recommend using fleece or a mini polytunnel when temperatures drop below -5C. Pots are a good idea because they can be moved indoors if temperatures drop dramatically.

To plant onions in the autumn you need to use sets, these are small 1 year old onions which will swell to full size in time for harvesting.

- Plant straight into their final growing position (in the ground or a large pot).

- Space each set 10cm apart.

- Plant in furrows with their necks pointing upwards, and cover with soil so that the neck is just below the surface.

We are growing our onions (‘electric’), shallots (‘jermor’) and spring onions (‘performer’) in a Large Saladgrow which we planted at the beginning of September.

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