Christmas Plant Gift Ideas

Tuesday, 17 November 2020 09:48:14 Europe/London

A Christmas wreath

If 2020 has taught us one thing, it’s making sure you take solace in the sanctuary of your own home. Adding some much-needed greenery is the perfect way to deliver this, whether cultivating a garden or merely freshening a particular room with a house plant.

So this Christmas why not give your loved ones a horticultural gift? Whether it’s introducing a gardening novice, big or small, to their first houseplant, or sorting a seasoned pro out with an exotic gift, here are some inspirational ideas for plant-related gifts this Christmas.


Christmas gifts for the person who kills plants

We all have someone in our life who is terrible at looking after plants. They will either over or under water - usually periods of one or the other - and while they like the idea of a plant, they always fall short at keeping one alive.

Christmas Aloe Vera

For this person, it’s best to go for something hardy that can survive by itself, such as cacti or succulents such as Mother of Pearls or Aloe Vera plant. You can follow it up with a simple enough book to help them out too; Veronica Peerless’ How Not to Kill Your Houseplant is a great starting point.


Christmas plant gifts for kids

Gardening as a passion can start at an early age, so why not buy the youngster in your life their first plant? Houseplants are great, a Barberton Daisy (Gerbera Jamesonii) can provide some simple to care for colour in a bedroom, whilst a Christmas Cactus (Schlumbergera Truncata) is the perfect seasonal choice.

Venus Fly Trap 

You could go for something more engaging, with carnivorous plants such as a Venus Fly Trap always likely to stir excitement. Or a basic herb garden or Chilli plant allows them to create food. Both should keep your kids engaged with the idea of plants.


The plant they need at the right time

It may be that you want to make sure 2021 is the year you reward your loved ones with plants, but it might be that December isn’t the right time. That’s where our plant vouchers come in handy, as you can organise the arrival of your plants to coincide perfectly with their seasonal requirements.

Plant vouchers

Each voucher comes with a selection of options, and you simply book when you want the young, healthy plants delivered to your door. There’s a great range across all tastes and garden size, whether you’re looking to add a dynamic ensemble of herbs to your cooking or bulk up on hearty veg. See the full range here.


An Exotic Plant for the Experts

If you know someone who is a dab hand with plants, why not impress them with a more exotic offering?

A giant Vipers Bugloss is a glorious tall lilac flowering that adds dynamism to any space, whilst the Hedychium Aurantiacum variant of Ginger Lily is hardy enough to last in the UK climate. If you know their garden well, go for a colour which will complement their existing plants.


 White Rose Bush

A plant with a purpose

History is littered with examples of plants representing a symbolic value, and you could do the same with your gifts this year. Olive plants are a simple way to promote peace or an apology, whilst rose bush seeds lend themselves perfectly to demonstrating romance.

Lesser known options are a Thurja, a type of Arborvitae which traditionally symbolises friendship or the many meanings of Iris flowers. The colour for those is incredibly important, with blue representing faith or hope, purple wisdom and white purity.

Even a cabbage patch has a meaning, with the vegetable a signifier of riches. Best avoid the  Lotus corniculatus, better known as a bird's-foot trefoil, though. This is a common symbol of revenge, not the message you want to be sending out this Christmas!


Looking to add a Yuletide twist to your plant buying? Check out 8 Christmas Plants for the Festive Season.


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