GardenPop - Instant Growing Kit with Propagator

Thursday, 19 February 2015 17:12:38 Europe/London

Growing your own tasty veg from seed has never been easier thanks to our fantastic GardenPop Growing Kits. These complete growing kits contains everything you need to grow your own chillies, tomatoes, or rainbow veg (aubergines, peppers and beans) from seed!

Grow from seed to harvest in just 5 simple steps:

1. Place seeds in the seed disc, then into the propagator

2. When roots appear, place the discs into seedling pots. Add compost.

3. The clever bit, when second set of leaves appears, place seedlings into bright pots. Add compost.

4. Feed and water your plants, graciously accepting admiring comments from friends

5. Pick your delicious veg and enjoy the harvest!

These handy growing kits contain everything you need to get started:

- 1 x seedling propagator

9 x biodegradable compost seed starter discs

6 x biodegradable hairy seedling pots

3 x final planting pots

3 x plant labels

3 x seed packets

Caring for your plants is simple; just make sure they have plenty of access to sunlight and the right amount of water. Plants need enough water to take nutrients up into the plant, but if there is too much, roots don't have access to enough oxygen; so water carefully!

Our lovely GardenPop Growing Kits come in three varieties: Chilli, Tomato and Rainbow Veg! Are you a passionate Chilli Grower, cool Tomato Grower or Friendly Rainbow Veg Grower? Which GardenPop are you?

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